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How to Use these Examples

How can you use college applications supplemental essay examples? Any template/ sample is best used as a guide. And if used correctly, it can be of much benefit to a student. The sample should act as a reference for a student to learn:

  • The word count to adhere to;
  • The format to follow;
  • The style to implement;
  • What content to include.

As a prospective student, copying everything from a sample/ template and reproducing it is a no-no. After all, the admission panel has probably seen such generic applications, and will thus, throw a similar one out immediately. Whenever you are writing your supplemental essay, try to make it personalized. Share things and attributes that are unique to you to stand out from the examples.

After identifying an excellent sample on our site, take note of all the essential issues. Then, close the template and write from scratch. Refer to the sample only when you are stuck.

Always Edit Your Work to Improve Acceptance Rates

Supplemental essay examples for college applications are essential learning resources for a student. In addition to using a sample, ensure that the document is not laden with mistakes by editing thoroughly. If you cannot get yourself to do it, consider working with our expert in-house editors. They are proficient in this process and will ensure that you submit an excellent application.

You are free to offer any specifics regarding the editing of your student composition. If you find the editing of a specific sample or several examples here to be ideal, tell your assigned editor. This way, they can provide a student write-up that matches the template/ sample you provided.

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College Supplemental Essay Examples:
Get a Top-Grade Sample

Want college supplemental essay examples you can trust? If you are applying to a top-tier university, you will most likely be required to submit this extra piece of writing along with your application. So, have an excellent sample by your side to be sure you on the right track. Peruse our diligently drafted examples to get what you need.

Our Supplemental Essay Examples for College Will Get You A Pro Paper

Are our supplemental essay examples for college beneficial? The first thing you should know is that a supplemental essay, despite the name, is critical to your selection to university. This school-specific write-up is more aligned with the specific college you’ve picked and, therefore, very important to the admission officers.
Therefore, it’s important to pay keen attention to it just as you did with the personal statement. Any student who wants to ace their supplemental essay needs a sample. Studying a sample is perhaps the easiest and most effective technique for learning how to write your document. Among the top benefits that our examples give you include:

Examples Will Help You Familiarize Yourself with These Papers
You’ve never written this paper before and are likely to freeze up when required. Study a variety of examples to gain more confidence as you will know how to tackle the tasks.

A Sample Will Help You Plan and Create an Outline
A template can help you come up with a general outline of how to write this paper. You can then transfer the same on your own piece.

A Template Shows You How to Answer the Prompt
Our examples are real essays written by college application pros. So, when a student studies them, he/she is better equipped to answer different prompts/ questions to impress the admission committees.

A Sample Gives You a General Idea of the Format and Language to Use
It’s your first time applying to university, and you likely have no idea what the appropriate tone or writing format is. By carefully studying our examples, you can learn these things and write better.


Supplemental Essay

A college supplemental essay provides the applicant a chance to include additional information about them for the admission officers to evaluate. This essay is especially important as it can increase your chances of admission and give you an opportunity to show your strongest points and explain the circumstances that influenced your grades or any other information in your application.

Free samples

College Supplemental Essay Samples

In this section, you can explore numerous great college supplemental essays along with improved versions of essays, that were edited by our experts. Register to unlock access to the essays.

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