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Personal statement examples for graduate school: what is the prompt?

When doing something that can completely determine your future, people don’t neglect to use all the possible prompts and clues that are even available. One of those is personal statement examples for graduate school.

Entering grad school is a tough process that demands concentration, attention, and effort. To complete this task successfully, you have to be aware of the conditions provided for the admissions process. As a rule, an integral part of the application submission process is providing the admissions committee with several essays. They are supposed to uncover the deepest corners of your personality and make or break your admissions. With the help of essays submission, the admissions committee determines the applicants who can become the perfect match for the grad school community further. And here, we can start our conversation about the importance of graduate school personal statement examples.

You may wonder about the aim of these samples. What are they intended to change in your application, or what profit can you receive after perusing them? The thing is that samples are crucial papers in the context of any essay creation. First of all, with the help of samples, you can understand the pattern of the work that must be done and create your own essay more quickly and more effectively. However, these are not the only advantages you can get after using the samples. Using them allows you to note some useful features that can be used in your essay. For instance, it can be a trick related to the structure of your own paper, or it can be a grammar construction that can make your thoughts more clear and add some context to what you have already written. These all things would be impossible without personal statement examples for graduate school.

Reading samples isn’t always about noticing some specific and useful features for your essay. It is also about the inspiration you can receive from reading some stories about someone’s success. When having such examples in front of your eyes, you can fully immerse yourself in the reading part and recollect some achievements you had but didn’t pay attention to their value. People usually mention their best experiences and situations in their essays. You can also do the same after reading the samples and realizing that you are also the person whose experiences are worth becoming the successful sample personal statement for graduate school.

Also, when applying for a place in a particular grad school and having admission to it set as a goal, you can understand the approximate experience and life outlook of the people who have already graduated or entered this graduate program. Each of the grad schools has its own environment, values, curricular and extracurricular activities. Therefore, they have the challenging task of choosing the perfect candidates to join the community around all the willing applicants. They may all be excellent people with great experiences, but with the help of samples, you can understand the average personality type that is a perfect fit for grad school. Also, you can estimate whether you can match the community or not. And that all can be possible with the help of graduate school personal statement examples.

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Personal statement for graduate school examples: how to use them?

We have already described the aim of personal statement for graduate school examples. It is pretty clear and understandable. However, many people wonder how to use these samples to get every crumb of advantages. Therefore, we have prepared several ways to make the process of using personal statement samples better, and you can spend time reading them with the full advantage.

  1. Simply read them!
  2. Yes, the first and the most obvious way to use samples is simply to read them. The more samples you read, the more information you notice and, therefore, keep in mind. So, it is obvious that with this knowledge base, it will be easier for you to complete the task of creating your own essay. You will have the approximate pattern in your mind, and while writing your personal statement, some of the features you noticed in that personal statement for graduate school examples may arise. Therefore, the workflow will go faster and easier as you will have enough background knowledge for writing the essay.

  3. Take notes!
  4. Note down everything you find interesting or meaningful. Samples are the unique knowledge bases by themselves. Many different people have created a great deal of different essays. Various mindsets, outlooks on life, and background experiences are put into words in those essays. Try to write down everything that catches your attention and what you find interesting. In this way, you can get a list of clues that will help you write your own paper. Personal statement for graduate school examples is a huge base of ideas you can transfer to your paper.

  5. Compare experiences!
  6. Find examples of personal statements that are related to your target field of education and the graduate school you want to enter. In this way, you can find some examples of experiences that are similar to yours. Therefore, you can understand a pattern and the way in which people represented their life in the essay. Also, you can realize how to present your background. However, be careful with such examples and remember that it is prohibited to copy any information from those samples. Personal statement for graduate school examples can put an idea in your mind, but they shouldn`t become your own essays. Remember that admissions committees can check everything. Therefore, use these essays as examples but not as ready-to-submit essays.

Why is it a great idea to use sample graduate school personal statement from EssayEdge?

When searching for a great sample graduate school personal statement, it is important to know that this essay is checked and undoubtedly successful. Nobody wants to use a bad example and look up to it as it can lead to the bad outcome of your own essay. As a result, you can even have a failed application. Therefore, to avoid such troubles, we recommend using the samples that are available on our website. We do care about the quality of your essay; thus, we pay huge attention to the things we provide for our customers.

Therefore, when referring to the samples we have, you can be sure that they all are checked and reviewed by our professional essay editor. If you want your own essay to be as sample graduate school personal statement you found anywhere; you can refer to our highly proficient essay editing service. We know how to make your essay unique and unforgettable.

The advantages of using our sample essays are uncountable, but we have highlighted several ones that we find the most important.

  1. The samples are completely and comprehensively checked! Our professional editors with more than twenty years of experience have checked all samples, so you can be confident that their quality is on the highest level possible. Therefore, you can be aware of the basics of structure, lexis usage, and transitions that are particularly important and usually used when writing the perfect personal statement. Sample graduate school personal statement at EssayEdge is a great example of a successful essay that can be useful for every applicant. 
  2. They can help you develop or even invent your own writing style! Unfortunately, writing essays or other papers isn't an assignment that is assigned regularly for many applicants. Thus, many of them struggle to complete this task correctly. We understand how crucial it is to write the perfect essay and develop thoughts correctly. Especially when admissions officers are looking for people who are unique and their writing style that is supposed to reflect the applicant's personality is also considered to be unique. Reading, or simply looking through the sample essays, is the thing that can help develop the unique writing style. Sample graduate school personal statement can give the general idea of writing styles and their specific and unique features on the whole. Therefore, the samples at EssayEdge are what you need. 
  3. Our samples are completely free! Yes, we do care about your convenience and effort when preparing for the admissions process. Therefore, our sample essays are free to download. All you need to do is to fill in sing in your personal profile at our site or create your own new one. After these easy and quick steps, you can feel free to download any essay you need from our samples page. Also, if you want to enhance your future essay, you will be able to use your profile to order the services available at our site, and you won't have to worry about creating a new account. Just sign in, and be ready to discover the new opportunities with our essay editing service. 

Sample personal statement for graduate school: what do they can clarify?

  1. Understanding the features of essay structure! Each essay is a unique document with a specific aim, and every type of those essay has its structural peculiarities. Sample personal statement for graduate school can provide you with the pattern that is suitable for a certain essay. For instance, you can understand what information should be included in each paragraph and how to structure your thoughts correctly to make the narrative engaging and readable. Understanding the appropriate structure for every essay can help you state your thoughts in an outstanding way. 
  2. Understanding the flow of the information!  It is kind of related to the structure issue. However, in this case, we are talking about the sequence of a presentation. Sample personal statement for graduate school can provide you with a clue on presenting the data you want to include in your essay to engage and catch the readers. You can understand what facts are usually included and the sequence of them in the text, so it becomes an interesting and kind of a worthy essay. 
  3. Understanding the writing style that suits your needs the best! Every essay that you may have written has had different writing styles. For some essays, it is appropriate to stick to strict guidelines and follow each provided rule. However, there are some essays that can only become better if you deviate from the standard. Sample personal statement for graduate school is the chance to understand how the accepted students behaved in that situation.

What mistakes to avoid when using sample of personal statement for graduate school?

The mistakes related to sample of personal statement for graduate school can be divided into two groups. First, the most common is plagiarism and violation of personal rights, which usually occurs in institutions where students buy papers online. The second group includes the following errors that frequently occur because of lack of knowledge or ignorance: lack of clarity, unnecessary words/phrases or sentences, meaningless statements that students try to copy and use in their own essays.

It is important to remember that it is not easy writing good content all by yourself without any help from professionals. So if you need sample of personal statement for graduate school for your application with high quality, do not hesitate to use our examples! They are checked and error-free, so you can be certain that no mistakes may arise during the creation of your essay.

We have gathered the most common mistakes that can happen to students when using samples.

  • Unnecessary words, phrases, or sentences that are provided in the sample essay;
  • Lack of clear goals and purposes that a student mentioned and presented in the sample essay;
  • The lack of specific information about the education process and reasons why you want to study graduate school;
  • Missing thesis statement (purpose) and vagueness in the topic selection if the topic isn't provided;
  • Vague expressions that mean nothing for the reader, such as "to succeed," "to be successful," etc. These words happen too often in the essays, and, as a rule, students use them without clear examples. Therefore, if you see such a phrase in sample of personal statement for graduate school, try to avoid such phrases;
  • Sentences that start with conjunctions such as 'and, 'but' etc.; 
  • The same examples are used multiple times throughout your essay. If you want to use a story to illustrate a certain situation, do not tell it again as a different example. It is also important to avoid recurrence of some words and phrases that you have used before;
  • Using overcomplicated lexis that you can't explain in your own words. There are cases when people see some words in the samples and think that they are appropriate to use in their own essays. However, when the admissions committee asks an applicant about the definition of this word at the interview, people can get lost and fail the interview. Therefore, if you see the word in sample of personal statement for graduate school, and you want to take it over to your essay, be certain that you can explain everything. 
  • The use of incorrect verbs or prepositions;
  • Using passive voice instead of active one;
  • Verbosity – wordiness and excessiveness in wording/phrasing/sentences, etc. In this case, try referring to a professional essay editor who can help you enhance your writing and make it outstanding. 

To use samples for the whole, we have prepared some tips that you can use. If you need more personal assistance, you can always refer to our editor, who knows how to make your essay better. Therefore, here are some tips on taking the full advantage of sample of personal statement for graduate school.

  1. Don't begin with "I want to study graduate school because…" Always think of the things that you really care about and how this decision is beneficial for you, and why pursuing your academic dreams is important for you personally. This will help demonstrate both passion and ambition, which are very important in writing personal statements. Write a clear thesis statement that will highlight your future plans and goals, providing readers with an insight into what you want to achieve as well as enthusiasm on the part of admission committee members to find out more about such an ambitious person as you are. Use sample of personal statement for graduate school that kind of related to this pattern to achieve success in your admissions. It should include education information (type of institution/field/program etc.) as well as reasons why this path is so significant for you. 
  2. Focus on your personal qualities, experiences, and achievements that make you stand out from the crowd. Those can be related to academic or extracurricular (sports, volunteer work, etc.) activities. Try giving examples that will help demonstrate your skills and what value they will bring to the educational environment of your future school/college/university etc. Look for the sample of personal statement for graduate school that was submitted to your target grad school. In this way, you can get to know what to include in your essay and how to write it. 
  3. Use precise and concise wording and wording that you feel comfortable with. If it feels unnatural, try rewriting sentences or parts of them without changing the meaning, though. To cope with this challenging task correctly, you can refer to our professional editors, who are ready to help you at any moment you feel you need more guidance and personal assistance. 
  4. Don't hesitate to use personal statements samples if you feel that you can't cope with the task of writing on your own as they are to guide you towards successful writing! It is not plagiarism but simply a tool for your paper improvement. You can always use our service if you need sample of personal statement for graduate school for free.

EssayEdge is ready to help at any stage of the process: from figuring out how to write one in the first place, through getting inspiration from essay examples, and checking grammar and style afterward. We provide editing and proofreading services for your successful admissions as we do care about the results of your application. If you decide to use our services, you can be assured that your essay will be the one that is worth noticing and standing out among other applicants’ essays.

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Personal Statement

The graduate personal statement tells the admission committee about you as a prospective applicant, your strength, and experiences that have made you. It is one of the most important documents, as by providing information about yourself, stating your skills, goals, and interests you will connect them with the prospective studying in the preferred graduate school, thus earning a spot at the university.

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