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Writing a personal statement can become a challenge for the applicant. But it won’t be a problem if you know all the things you need to consider to write a perfect application essay. Our experts prepared a complete personal statement guide with detailed step-by-step instructions and working tips to make this process as easy as possible for you.

What is a Personal Statement?

First of all, the applicant should understand the specificity of this admission paper. Students often consider it the same as a statement of purpose or just one more college essay. But these are the different types of essays.

Here, you will find a detailed description of the personal statement features that make it different from other papers:

What Do You Need Before Writing a Personal Statement?

Most students claim that the hardest thing in writing a personal statement is to start. Thus, we prepared several articles describing how to brainstorm the ideas effectively and choose the best topic for your admission essay.

Brainstorming Ideas

Choosing the Topic

What Format to Choose?

One more important issue is to format the personal statement according to the admission committee’s requirements. Here, you will find all about formatting recommendations, as well as working tips to make your essay look neat and professional.

Basic Formatting Requirements & Tips

Structure of the Personal Statement

The next step is to structure your personal statement. The next step you need is to structure your personal statement. The articles below will tell you about the main components of the application essay and what you need to include in the body of the paper.

How to Write a Personal Statement for Different Purposes

Every applicant writes a personal statement for various purposes. Choose the most appropriate article corresponding to your needs.

How to Write a Personal Statement for College Transfer How To Write A Personal Statement For College To Gain Admissions Approval
Graduate School
How to Write a Personal Statement for Grad Transfer: Quick and Clear Guide How to Write a Graduate School Personal Statement – Detailed Instruction
Useful Advice on How to Write a Personal Statement for Grad
How to Write a Personal Statement for MBA: Several Ideas
Personal Statements for Nursing Schools
6 Tips for Writing Your Nursing School Personal Statement How to Write A Great Personal Statement
How to Write a Great Medical School Personal Statement


Writing a Personal Statement Guides (Depending on a School)

Also, we prepared a list of personal statements guides depending on the school you’re going to apply to:

Residency Personal Statement Guide
Fellowship & Residency Personal Statement – Specialties How to Make Your Residency Personal Statement, Personal
Residency Personal Statement vs One for Med School
Law School Personal Statement Guide
Childhood Activist Sample Law School Personal Statement Law Sample Essay – Personal Statement
The Law School Personal Statement: The School of Hard Knocks
Guide to the Medical School Personal Statement
Delve Deeper into the AMCAS Personal Statement 6 Guidelines for Your Internal Medicine Personal Statement
Personal Statement for Graduate School Guide
Grad School Personal Statement – Why You’re Unique? Talking about Specific Schools in a Graduate Personal Statement
Paint a Complete Picture of Yourself in Your Graduate Personal Statement What is a Personal Statement for Grad School
MBA Personal Statement Guide
How to Tell a Great Story in your MBA Personal Statement
Scholarship Personal Statement Guide
Personal Statement for Scholarship: Writing a Prominent Essay


How to Write a Personal Statement With No Experience?

Applicants often worry if they do not have enough or no experience to mention in the personal statement. Still, it is not a reason to skip this point in the essay. For this case, our experts prepared useful hints on what you can write in your personal statement with no experience.

Word Count Requirements for Personal Statement

Word count limit is an important requirement to follow, as it may affect the quality of your personal statement. Look through the main recommendations concerning the application essay word count.

How to Start Your Personal Statement?

Even after finishing the body of the essay, you may face some challenges while writing an effective introduction. In our uni personal statement guide, we tell the applicants how to make a perfect greeting.

So what do you need to impress the admission officers right from the first sentences of your personal statement? See the article below.

How to Finish Your Personal Statement?

The conclusion is equally important as the other components of the personal statement. And the applicant should know the secrets of the conclusion that definitely works. Read the article on how to end a personal statement essay and grab the attention of the committee.

How to Make a Personal Statement Stand Out?

The main goals of your personal statement essay are to ensure that you are a perfect candidate and stand out from the rest of the applicants. Still, if you do not know how to stick to the memory, some expert recommendations on making your personal statement engaging for the admission committee will help you with it.

Tips to Grab the Attention of the Admission Committee

Find some more useful tips to make your personal statement stand out depending on the school you are applying to:

Graduate School
Grad School Personal Statement Writing Tips Make your Essay Stand out with these Grad Personal Statement Tips
Graduate School Personal Statement Secrets & Writing Tips
Law School
Personal Statement Tips for International Legal Professionals Tips To Make Your Law School Personal Statement Remarkable
The Law Personal Statement: Tips for Career Change
Other Useful Tips
5 Tips to Create a Memorable MBA Personal Statement Residency Personal Statement: 5 Important Tips
College Personal Statement Prompts How to Write a Personal Statement – Microsoft Word Tips


What Is Better to Avoid in Your Personal Statement?

In order to succeed with your personal statement, you should also consider several factors that are better to avoid in your application essay. Look through these articles from our guide to writing a personal statement to find out the most common mistakes that can spoil the admission committee’s impression.

Before Sending Your Personal Statement

Do not hurry to click the “submit” button when you finish your personal statement. Make sure that your essay is perfectly-written and error-free. Proofreading is the best choice for this purpose. But if you still have some doubts, our professionals can help you with expert editing.


Look through this general guide personal statement essay article about how professional editing can help improve your personal statement.

Professional Editing

Read more about professional editing to choose the personal statement editing service that fits your needs.

Graduate School
Psychology Personal Statement Editing Government Personal Statement Editing
Accounting Personal Statement Editing Hospitality Personal Statement Editing
Computer Science Personal Statement Editing Social Science Personal Statement Editing
Theology Personal Statement Editing Management Personal Statement Editing
Education Personal Statement Editing Journalism Personal Statement Editing
Engineering Personal Statement Editing Public Health Personal Statement Editing
Finance Personal Statement Editing Science Personal Statement Editing
Architecture Personal Statement Editing Social Work Personal Statement Editing
Medical School
Dental School Personal Statement Editing Optometry Personal Statement Editing
Nursing Personal Statement Editing Pharmacy School Personal Statement Editing
Residency Personal Statement Editing Vet School Personal Statement Editing
Allied Health Personal Statement Editing
Law School
Law School Personal Statement Editing


Submitting a Personal Statement

The final step is to submit your personal statement and wait for the response. But there are some things you need to consider before sending your application essay. In our guide to writing personal statement, you will find recommendations on how to submit a personal statement in different ways:

Submitting a Text Box

Sending a Personal Statement as a Separate File

Personal Statement Samples and Analysis

The following personal statement samples will be helpful examples to understand the specificities of this admission paper. Before looking through the essay examples below, read how to analyze a personal statement sample effectively.

Essay Examples
Sample Personal Statement for Graduate School Personal Statement for MBA Sample
Sample Personal Statement for College Sample Personal Statement for Medical School
Sample Personal Statement for Law School Graduate School Personal Statement Samples


Other Useful Links

Our podcasts and free guides will also be useful for writing a perfect personal statement.


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We hope that our writing your personal statement guide answered all your questions. Anyway, you can always return to our blog about personal statements to find more information and effective tips that make your application easier and less stressful.

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