EssayEdge’s 25th Anniversary – Yellow Editor Podcast #15

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Yellow Editor's Podcast by EssayEdge
Yellow Editor's Podcast by EssayEdge
EssayEdge's 25th Anniversary - Yellow Editor Podcast #15

EssayEdge has a very special occasion for recording this episode show as we are celebrating our 25th anniversary this year! The past 25 years have been motivational and inspiring for the whole EssayEdge team. We have been working really hard to meet your expectations and provide you with the best editorial service possible. EssayEdge is so proud of our Professional Editors who are experts in admissions essay editing. With our team of highly experienced editors,  our customers study at top universities and are given the opportunity of the best-earning potential.

Today’s show is devoted to discussing the main questions our customers have. We will talk with our experts, our EssayEdge editors to find the answers to these main queries.

Questions to discuss :

  1. Linda (Stanford University, 20 years EssayEdge editor) will share her  biggest insight after 20 years of editing.
  2. Melissa ( Columbia University, 15 years EssayEdge editor) will share the points she likes the most about editing.
  3. Some applicants underestimate the power of a grammatically correct essay. Anna (Yale University, 20 years EssayEdge editor)  will help us understand why essays are so important in the application process.
  4. Mary ( Stanford University, 4 years EssayEdge editor) will share her experience in the question of one common mistake all the applicants make.
  5. Valerie (Yale University,  12 years EssayEdge editor) will guide us a little bit with the tips for a compelling and a catchy introduction.
  6. Susan (Harvard University, 3 years EssayEdge editor) will give her suggestions to all the applicants who do not have any idea on how to start their essays.

If you need any editorial assistance with your essay, we have the EssayEdge editor to match your needs. Check OUR TEAM page for more information. 

Do you want to get acquainted with our application essay editors service fast? Take 20 minutes when going to classes and listen to this podcast. You’ll know each editor better and get a piece of helpful advice from each person. If you need something more, please, place an order and get detailed feedback on your writing.

How to distinguish yourself in the admission essay?

EssayEdge experts have all the tools to help you!

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