Things To Know Before You Start a Ph.D – Yellow Editor Podcast #12

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Yellow Editor's Podcast by EssayEdge
Yellow Editor's Podcast by EssayEdge
Things To Know Before You Start a Ph.D – Yellow Editor Podcast #12

Doing a Ph.D. is not a spontaneous idea that just comes to your mind. In most cases, this decision is thoroughly considered and well-weighted. Many students who pursue a Ph.D. are passionate about a particular subject and want to spend their research time making important discoveries and contributions towards their chosen field. Many Ph.D. graduates are lucky to be sponsored to do their course and easily find employment since the experience and skills they have gained on a Ph.D. course are transferable and can be applied to other industries.

Our guest today is Dr. Eva Lantsoght, a professor of civil engineering who will share her experience and insights on applying to Ph.D.

Questions to discuss:

  1. How did Eva become interested in blogging about the process of doing a Ph.D.?
  2. Ph.D. application process in the US and beyond the US
  3. What is a good Ph.D. supervisor?
  4. What makes a better impact – if you choose a well-known and prestigious university or, on the contrary, the less-known university that has a professor to match your academic needs fully?
  5. Getting into a Ph.D. program – what skills should one have?
  6. How to apply for Ph.D. funding?
  7. Things to know before doing a PhD

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