Pitfalls During The Admissions Process – Yellow Editor Podcast #11

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Yellow Editor's Podcast by EssayEdge
Yellow Editor's Podcast by EssayEdge
Pitfalls During The Admissions Process – Yellow Editor Podcast #11

The year 2020 was a harsh one and education has gone through a lot of significant changes. The transition to online education was a challenge for everyone. Students were forced to adjust to new realities, which nobody was prepared for. Online education calls for a greater amount of motivation and self-discipline. How can one not lose it and remain productive?

Our guest today is Matthew, who is a senior at William Paterson University and works in the admissions department there. Matthew shares his own experience and thoughts on staying focused.

The questions to discuss:

  1. Reasons for selecting this particular university.
  2. How to choose a major?
  3. Admission difficulties
  4. The most common personal statement mistakes all the applicants do while writing their admission essays/personal statements.
  5. What are the main criteria for choosing the candidate for the program?
  6. Online studying
  7. Admission tips for being accepted

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