Law School Application Addendum – Yellow Editor Podcast #9

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Yellow Editor's Podcast by EssayEdge
Yellow Editor's Podcast by EssayEdge
Law School Application Addendum - Yellow Editor Podcast #9

Writing a law school addendum can be a very intimidating process that requires much effort and focus since you have to describe an issue that you have coped with and now is behind you. You are writing this addendum to prove the admissions committee that you realize the gravity of your situation and that is why you should simply address the specific issue.

What to include in an addendum for law school? First of all, you are to understand that an addendum needs an individual approach as your experience is totally different from what other applicants have encountered. The addendum submitted with your application is your great opportunity to address low scores, multiple LSAT scores, criminal misconduct or other aberrations. And here comes the question how to write an addendum for law school?

Should you list your excuses or on the contrary show that obstacles you have overcome have shaped you into the person you are today and it will help you excel in law school?

There certainly is the structure for law school addendum and our guest today will help you craft a winning one. I am so delighted to welcome Amy, who has been an EssayEdge editor for 17 years and knows everything about the rigorous admissions process.

The questions we will cover in this topic are the following:

1.    What is the law school application addendum about?

2.    When and how should an applicant write a law school addendum?

3.    How should an applicant address a criminal or disciplinary incident?

4.    What is the best way not to start listing excuses in one’s addendum but stick to providing an adequate explanation for a misstep?

5.    What is the structure of an addendum and how long should a law school addendum be?

6.    Law school addendum advice

The law school addendum is not a place for you to write down all of your emotions and feelings and that is why sticking to the structure for law school addendum is very important. You are to describe the facts and only.

However, if you need help with creating a criminal addendum or the one that explains the gap in the studies or low scores, we have the experts to help you!

If you have been looking for comprehensive information on the law school application addendum. Our guest is still working with our law school personal statement editing service. If you need an admission paper to be proofread by a professional, you can ask Amy to do it.

Having admission document worries?

Leave editing issues to our experts.

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