12 Tips On How To End a College Essay

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Yellow Editor's Podcast by EssayEdge
Yellow Editor's Podcast by EssayEdge
12 Tips On How To End a College Essay

Right after the moment you have the text of your essay in front of your eyes, you may think about how to end a college essay properly to make it an outstanding one. The process of writing might seem difficult. However, now it is the final step to get everything done. 

College essay conclusion: why is it important?

Think about the moment when you did something well. You understand that you passed the long way from the beginning till the end. Finally, you got a fantastic result. It is a very satisfying moment when you realize that. The same regards your college essay conclusion

Writing the conclusion is that part of the essay when you can breathe out and understand that you are on the home stretch. However, it doesn’t mean that you can relax and chill. Take into consideration that commencement is way easier than completion. Therefore, get ready to spend time to write a memorable final part of the whole text. 

The conclusion is a crucial part of your essay as it summarizes the opinion about you. The reader finally understands who you are and what you want. Having a meaningful conclusion in your essay, you may force the reader to change his mind in the way you want. After reading your essay’s ending, the admission tutor has to decide what are their further actions.
Conclusion for college essay isn’t something mutual for every applicant. It is the final of the story that you have represented in the main body of your essay. So, it’s time to gather your thoughts and write an incredible essay ending. 

How to conclude a college essay and not fail it

If you are struggling with how to conclude a college essay and not screw it up, here are a few aspects for you that you must avoid. 

  1. Don’t summarize
    It is good to have this skill when writing a usual essay. In the case of a college essay, it won’t work correctly, as you will only waste words to repeat the content mentioned above. 
  2. Avoid cliches.
    And again, talking about the college essay, it is not a great idea to use such words as “to conclude” and “in conclusion.”These phrases may just simplify writing. Therefore, the impression of it can be worst than you expect. 
  3. Leave the doubts away.
    Sometimes people are used not to do their tasks in advance. If the same happened to you, just leave your nerves and doubts away. Make up your thoughts, put more effort into the working process, and move on. 
  4. Don’t write the begging.
    Everyone realizes the purpose of your essay. Therefore, it is terrible to write down something like begging for permission to receive the admission offer. It is better to end the story from the main body rather than write something unrelated to it. 
  5. Don’t refer to the content that is already mentioned.
    Reiteration isn’t in need owing to the fact that it will grab the reader’s time and won’t bring any new or important information into the writing. 
  6. Plagiarism.
    Sometimes you can see samples of successful essays, and there comes a thought, “I want the same one to be mine.” In no way can you copy-paste that into your writing. You can think of remastering your essay that it looks alike. However, you mustn’t use strangers’ thoughts and pieces of writing as their rights are reserved. 

If you still wonder how to write a conclusion for college essay, be sure that you have edited your paper and don’t have those common mistakes mentioned above. After reducing such points, your essay will undoubtedly look better. If you are still preparing for the writing process, try to avoid such faults in the text. 

How to close a college essay: tips for doing is successfully 

Here comes the question of how to close a college essay? The last paragraph must be immersive and impressive. So, here are a few tips to help you to make it done well. 

  1. Have a break.
    Don’t try to write the whole text at a heat. Devote some time for yourself due to the fact that the writing process is kind of fatiguing. You may feel tired, so take your time, meet your friends, and have some fun. To some extent, try not to think about the essay for some time. Then, indeed, come back to the process.
  2. End positively.
    Everyone wants to believe that every story has a lively final. The same fact regards your essay. It is better to end with something pleasant and useful rather than tell a terrifying tale. You can do it just in case when your main paragraph is about something terrible that happened to you. 
  3. Analyze.
    It is a good idea to write down your analysis of what happened to you before. How the described thing impacted your life and what experience you can share right now. 
  4. Ask for feedback.
    Once you have the whole family at home, read out loud your essay for them. Ask your family members for feedback. What impressed them the most and what they wouldn’t like to have heard. It makes sense as, in this way, you can analyze what is unnecessary in your essay. The point that impressed them the most might seem to be a good concept for your closing paragraph.
  5. Embed new knowledge.
    Even if you write the concluding part for the whole text, don’t hesitate to implicate new knowledge into your essay. For instance, you have read an article about how to start a college essay, or the best ideas to restructure your essay, impact that into your text. Thus, you can change your mind about the conclusion. 
  6. Check it!
    When everything is written down, and you understand that it is a masterpiece, peruse it many times. Refer to college essay editing if you feel that you need it. Ask your relatives and friends to tell you their opinion on your writing. It will take a few minutes, but it is an essential step before submitting your essay. Therefore, your student becoming depends on it. 

College essay conclusion examples

Using college essay conclusion examples is an excellent way to find a piece of inspiration. Here below, you can find an example of closing from an admitted student. Try to realize how it works and what the pattern is. 

The door opened. She came in and said plenty of words. I didn’t listen to her speech. My new computer grabbed my interest. My chained glance was on it. She realized everything at once.
I was seven at that time. My mother understood that nothing more matters to me than a computer. Since that time, I have been firmly believing that I want to become an engineer. I’ve passed a long way, and here I am now, ready to open new doors and make another important step into a successful career. 

In the piece of text above, the author connected the story about his first computer from the main body. The information has a positive final, and now the reader can understand the applicant’s background. Moreover, it doesn’t’ have cliches or summaries. That’s why it is an uncommon one. 

Concluding the results of the done work is such a satisfying process. The same is about your college essay. You have made a big way to have the final result, and here it is. 

Writing the essay is a crucial step to success. Paying attention and putting effort into it can make it an outstanding one. Refer to the tips, check everything, and finally achieve a result – admission offer.

For more information on how to end a college essay, read EssayEdge blog!

You’ve finished your introduction, crafted several main body paragraphs, and need to make the last step — write a conclusion. Do you lack motivation for the last effort? Check examples and use our guidelines to finish your last paragraph faster. If you can’t find the motivation to tackle editing/proofreading, send us a message like “Please, review my college essay.” We’ll gladly help you.

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