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During the university application process, you may be asked to submit a cover letter for graduate school. You have to submit it to have more chances to become an admitted student and present your personality like you are the most appropriate candidate among other potential students to get a studying offer.  

Cover letter for grad school: the importance of this document

Without any doubt, a cover letter for grad school is an essential component among other documents. The reason why you should submit it is that it is an additional option to excel from the crowd of many potential students and underline your eagerness to study in a particular educational institution. 

The common trouble is that many students don’t quite understand the purpose of submitting one more document. Some of them skip this application point and spoil the impression of themselves. Others, despite everything, confidently move to the goal to make their admission dreams come true. 

In some cases, a graduate program cover letter may be suggested as a supplemental document to the CV. However, it may also be a separate document. 

It is a possibility to have a direct talk with the admissions tutor. Whether you submit the cover letter as an additional paper, keep in mind that is usually the first page of your CV for graduate school. Therefore, the admission tutor will first read the information that hides behind the well-structured sections of your achievements. 

Your cover letter graduate admission may create the first opinion so that you should be attentive while writing it. 

How to write a cover letter for grad school to make it an amazing one

Writing the cover letter graduate school admission is a crucial step in the whole process. Future students feel troubled when it comes to the issue of how to write a cover letter for grad school to make it noteworthy. You can now breathe out as here are step-by-step clues on how to write it correctly. 

  • Devote some time for the writing process
    You may be busy and going under in the tones of papers you need to fill in. Thy to think about the day to devote it to the cover letter writing. It won’t take a couple of minutes, get ready to spend a few hours. The approach to writing may influence the content of it. 
  • Stick to the template
    Don’t mess up the writing order. It may confuse the reader. You should stick to the structure to demonstrate your ability to fit into the requirements. 

These are the general tips to help you with the approach to cover letter writing. However, think carefully about each part of the cover letter and use the step by step guideline below. 

  1. Start with addressing
    Write down your name, address, and other details to contact you (e-mail and phone number). Don’t forget to include the date when you are writing. Also, note the name of the admissions officer and the address of the educational institution. 
  2. Write a straightforward greeting
    Don’t be general; show the reader that you know them. Write the name and the academic status of the person you are referring to. It will prove your esteem to the admissions officer. You are forbidden to write something like “Dear admissions officer” or “Dear professor”. 
  3. Think about the body paragraph
    Write brief information about yourself and describe the purpose of the application. Name the program you are applying for and list the skills you have for it to show that you are an appropriate candidate. Write the reasons you are applying for a particular program and explain why you should be offered admission. 
  4. Close the letter
    Thank the reader for the time they spent on your letter and close a letter with the phrase “Sincerely, (your name)”. It is the usual way to complete an official letter. Don’t be too familiar with the reader. A friendly attitude is cool but not in this case. 
  5. Check the cover letter several times
    When the letter is written, peruse it a few times to understand whether something is missing or not. Also, check it for grammatical errors and lexical misuse. 
  6. Submit the letter
    If you are sure that everything is right and correct, you can submit your cover letter along with the other documents. You must send it via email or upload via the special admissions website. It is better to look through the university website to understand the requirements. 

Sticking to this outline will definitely help you to write a cover letter graduate school admits you.

Cover letter graduate school certainly admits you

Facing the issue of submitting one more piece of writing besides graduate personal statements, some students give up as they feel exhausted and tired of the whole admission process. However, here are some tips for you to deal with any challenges regarding the point of “How to write a cover letter for graduate school?”

  • Control the tone of voice.
    While writing, try to keep in mind that you are writing an official document. Forget about using inappropriate language and lexis that you use in everyday communication with your friends and family. 
  • Be unique.
    You may think that you have heard this advice a thousand times. However, it is really the key to success. Tell the information that is important to you and write only the real facts related to you. Share your expectations and intentions; don’t rewrite common phrases from successful samples
  • Forget about the adulation.

Don’t try to please the reader; it may only spoil the impression. Even if you find it as a chance to show your best sides, try to do it in other ways. Admission tutors read a great deal of documentation annually; therefore, they have a sharp eye on the writings magnifying the applicant. 

  • Create a visual impression.
    The visual part of your graduate school cover letter is a part of the whole impression of you as a person. Try to use readable 12-14 point fonts. It is forbidden to use awkward fonts as it takes a lot of time to understand the writing. Inasmuch as the reader’s time is precious, it may spoil the attitude to what will be said further in your cover letter. Also, space the writing to simplify the reading process. 
  • Check and edit your cover letter.
    It isn’t nonsense that you have to submit all documents without grammar, lexical and spelling mistakes. The same regards your cover letter. Ask someone to read your writing and give you feedback. Also, you can refer to a graduate editing service to be absolutely sure that everything is right.

The template for graduate school cover letter 

If you need an example to understand the pattern of a graduate school cover letter sample, this template may help you to deal with any challenges that may occur. 

  1. Your personal information (name, address, phone number, email address)
  2. The date when you write your cover letter
  3. The addressee’s information (Academic status, name, department, university name, and address)
  4. The body of the cover letter (Write short information about the reasons you decided to apply to the particular university and specialization and why you are an appropriate candidate for studying)
  5. Conclude the cover letter (Write down an official pattern of closing an official letter)

When applying for a place in graduate school, we highly recommend referring to cover letter examples as they can easily increase your chances and provide you with an idea for your future document. Note that we have such samples at EssayEdge and you can find them on our “Samples” page. Use cover letter and get admitted!

This template may help you to organize the structure of the letter better. Stick to it to write a striking cover letter. 

If you are still struggling with a cover letter for graduate school, professional EssayEdge editors can help you with any problem you may have. 

The competition in admissions is always stiff, regardless of the school and course, you’re applying to. Submitting a cover letter for graduate school is a must for students who want to stand out among their competitors and get an offer. Our cover letter proofreading service can help you increase the chances of a positive outcome. Don’t hesitate and order editing here.

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