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Application to the MBA program requires great preparation for the process. The applicant has to be aware of the smallest details of each stage of the process to be sure that the application will be successful. We have decided to do an overview of the application stages and pay extra attention to the Kellogg MBA essay.
We have gathered the most popular questions and tried to answer them comprehensively. Also, we have prepared some successful samples and analyzed them, so you will have the opportunity to have a kind of pattern in front of your eyes when writing your own essay.
Our MBA essay editing wishes you all the best with your application to the business school at Kellogg University.

Kellogg MBA application essay: general requirements and prompts

The unique and pretty unusual difference between a regular application to any school of business and Kellogg school of business is the difference between application essays. When preparing for the submission Kellogg MBA application essay, you should know that you are required to submit two types of essays. It may seem so obvious and easy as other educational institutions, no matter London Business School or Harvard business school, require usually two or even three essays such as personal statement or statement of purpose. However, Kellogg requires a regular written essay and a video essay for submission.
Therefore, you have to get extra aware of the conditions provided by Kellogg University. We highly recommend perusing the conditions and contacting the admissions office in case of any misunderstandings to clarify the points that may need clarification and extra explanation.
To understand the main specifications and peculiarities of Kellogg MBA application essay, we have gathered and structured the main points you have to keep in mind when taking up the process.
This year is the year when Kellogg requires two mandatory essays for submission. The length of them is similar and equals 450 words per essay. The same requirement had the application years before.
Many applicants face the issue of the lack of words to describe everything they want to say. Therefore, huge attention should be paid to the content you provide for the admissions committee. We highly recommend thinking attentively about each word you want to include in your essay. However, if you feel any difficulties with this challenging task, you can always refer to our highly proficient essay editor, who will help you polish your paper and make it incomparable.
Kellogg MBA application essay is the document that is supposed to fully uncover your outlook on life or a particular issue within several words. As a rule, Kellogg provides the topics for the essays. Therefore, it can be simpler for some candidates to speak out their mind as they have to answer a question provided as the topic of the essay or write the thoughts they have regarding the topic. However, some applicants find this type of essay a difficult one because some people may not have enough thoughts to share regarding the provided thesis or, vice versa, too many ideas that should be included in the essay to answer the question comprehensively.
Therefore, take the writing process seriously as Kellogg MBA application essay isn’t that easy as it may seem to be.
Also, one more crucial point you have to be aware of when preparing the pack of the documents is that different types of applicants, depending on the field of studies and type of application, have to provide one or more supporting documents. Those are supplementary essays. Each of them is about 250 words. About their unique features and topics, we will talk in the next paragraph.

Kellogg MBA essay questions: how to answer them to get admitted?

As we mentioned before, all applicants are supposed to submit two essays to apply to the university. Kellogg MBA essay questions are supposed to uncover the aspects of the applicant’s personality. This year the questions are pretty general and, therefore, can be answered in different ways.

    1. The first topic is about leadership.

The applicant is supposed to provide the story they had recently, where they had to prove their leadership skills. It can be any situation or case. However, the applicant is supposed to also provide some examples and conclusions after having such an experience.

    1. The second topic is about values you have both in your personal life and at work.

Kellogg MBA essay questions are directly referred to the life and work of the applicant. You are supposed to share the most important aspects of your life outlook so the admissions committee can estimate your value as a future student. What is the most important and what you don’t like about these aspects of life? These are the points that should be discussed and fully uncovered in your essay.

These are the questions that must be undoubtedly answered and submitted as application essays with the pack of the rest documents.
However, these are not the only essays that must be submitted. Depending on your status and circumstances of application, you are supposed to submit several more essays and answer more Kellogg MBA essay questions.

  1. If you are an applicant who wants to pursue a one-year MBA.
    Thus, you are to provide the information about the goals you have set that may become real after pursuing your 1-year MBA degree. The word limit for this essay is 250 words. Therefore, try to avoid unnecessary data that is not related to the topic of the essay. This question is pretty straightforward, so, try to submit a comprehensive answer to this question. If you are an MBAi applicant, who wants to get a degree in this field. Each of Kellogg MBA essay questions is supposed to observe the specific aspect of applicants’ candidacy in the context of future education.
  2. If you are the applicant who wants to receive the degree in the MBAi program, which is aimed at AI technologies and their implication in the business to make processes better and more efficient, you have to provide the information about the case you had in your career. Many companies struggle with having an outstanding specialist in the field of AI but with strong leadership skills at the same time. Therefore, you are asked to share the case you had when business and AI technologies had kind of a disconnect in your practice. Answering this one among all Kellogg MBA essay questions will provide the admissions committee with the necessary information about you at work and your abilities to overcome difficulties and implicate new features to make the business and workflow better. To provide full information about this issue, you have 450 words.
  3. If you are an applicant who wants to pursue the MMM MBA degree.
    MMM MBA degree is a two-year dual degree program. You have a chance not only to boost your business skills but also to get knowledge in the fields that are closely related to business improvement. This year Kellogg MBA essay questions that are created for the MMM MBA applicants suppose observing your mindset. Are you curious about your work? Do you like creative tasks? Are you an open-minded person who is ready to take up any challenges? Choose one point and tell the admissions committee the situation when you had to demonstrate one of these values in your work process. Also, you are to describe in your essay why these factors are important in the context of your receiving the MMM degree at Kellogg. The volume of this essay is 250 words, so you have to be careful when including the information in your paper to stick to the word limit.
  4. If you are an applicant, who wants to become a JD in MBA.
    Therefore, you are supposed to answer one of Kellogg MBA essay questions for this field of education too. The admissions committee wants to know what your career goals are and how the education program at Kellogg will help you achieve those goals. Be careful when answering this question as you have only 250 words to speak out your mind. Our main advice is to be direct in your thoughts as you have a limited amount of words to answer the question.
  5. If you are the reapplicant who wants to enter the Kellogg again.
    One of those Kellogg MBA essay questions is also prepared for you! You have to describe the actions and steps you have taken to make your candidacy an appropriate one for entering the University of Kellogg. You have 250 words to put your thoughts on the paper. We highly recommend structuring your essay appropriately, as, with this word limit, there is a big chance of having misunderstandings to put everything you want together.

These essays are an integral part of the admissions process. You have to submit them as part of your application. However, will also have to submit several video essays. To know more about them and the conditions of their submission, we recommend referring to the official site of the university.

Kellogg MBA essay length: tips on dealing with this requirement

Kellogg MBA Essay is one of the most well-known requirements for Kellogg applicants. Kellogg, among other things, wants to know why you want their MBA program and what makes you unique compared to other candidates applying. This can be difficult to answer in 500 words or less! Here are some tips that will help you put together an MBA essay now and fit Kellogg MBA essay length.

  1. Kellogg applicants should spend time writing an essay with depth and creativity. However, you should be careful as too much creativity can fill too many words.
  2. Applicants must know their strengths compared to other candidates applying for the Kellogg program before taking up the writing process! There are two main parts to writing a good Kellogg MBA essay: what you have done so far (courses, activities, or personal life) and why it makes you unique! Try to create the list of things that must be undoubtedly included, so you can approximately estimate the number of words you need to cover everything.
  3. To stick to Kellogg MBA essay length, try to keep your focus on showing how your past experiences make you better than others who apply for this specific program. Make sure to put yourself as someone outstanding – not just an average person trying to get into Kellogg! The best way is to use numbers or data that are not mentioned in your other documents.

Kellogg MBA essay word count: what content to fit in 450 words

Kellogg MBA Essay is a challenging task for Kellogg applicants. Applicants have to write a compelling essay in 450 words, and this should cover Kellogg’s mission, Kellogg school culture, personal profile with adequate examples, Kellogg career goals, etc. It is not easy at all, but it needs some skills and tips to make your application more competitive! We are sharing the latest updates of the Kellogg MBA essay word count here so that you know what content works best!

    1. Fit the right pieces

A common mistake many applicants make while writing their essay is that they try to fit every sentence into word limit no matter if it’s relevant or not, which results in a messy upshot without any clear message about the applicant’s background and future goals. Kellogg applicants need to avoid this mistake so that they can succeed in their application! Use relevant data and examples. Remember that fitting the word limit with the unnecessary words won’t play in your favour. Also, vice versa, if you have 453 words instead of exactly 450, it won’t be a crucial mistake. So, keep your content in the right length for it.

    1. Include the key points that are important both for you and university

Applicants should carefully go through the requirements and Kellogg MBA essay examples to know what topics Kellogg admission officers like best. Then, you can frame your essay accordingly with those ideas. Applicants must remember that Kellogg school is looking for candidates who share similar goals, values, and vision of future career path, which means it’s not enough to write a generic story without any clear direction where you want to see your life after graduating from Kellogg! It’s better to spend time preparing an outline before writing each sentence because it will help you keep things straightened out while putting the main points clearly in front of Kellogg admission officers!

    1. Kellogg Career goals

Kellogg MBA Essay questions ask applicants to share their future career plans with Kellogg school. Applicants have a great chance here to convince the Kellogg admissions committee about their passion and dedication towards Kellogg’s specific area of study because only successful candidates, who are planning for a relevant career path after completing the program from Kellogg, will be chosen. The best way is to include some examples related to what you have done so far, which helped you learn something new or develop an interest in that field etc. In short, keep your essay focused on convincing Kellogg school why it should select you, not others! In this way, you have the chance to provide only crucial and detailed information without deviating from Kellogg MBA essay word count.

    1. Stick to the main idea in your essay

Applicants must write down all relevant information about what makes them unique before writing anything else. Otherwise, there is no point in writing Kellogg MBA Essay because Kellogg admission officers will think that you are just another applicant, and there is no way they can select someone who doesn’t stand out from the crowd! In addition, Kellogg is looking for applicants with specific goals, a clear understanding of future career paths, and an overall passion for Kellogg. Therefore, simply, if you don’t think about Kellogg essays topics and miss the research stage before writing the paper, you risk failing the challenging task of sticking to Kellogg MBA essay word count and get lost in a crowd of worthy candidates.

Kellogg MBA essay examples

We know how important it is to have successful samples in front of your eyes when preparing your own essay.

Therefore, we have prepared essay of accepted student Kellogg took into consideration. You can look through it and be aware of the main and the most important structural features. It is an awesome idea to read samples and take notes at the same time. Imagine, you catch a feeling of something special you have just read and, of course, you want your essay to be kind of like that. Therefore, you can take notes and implicate some interesting features in your essay.
However, we highly recommend being careful when reading the examples. It is prohibited to copy-paste any data or use someone’s experience and background as yours. Remember that the admissions committee can check everything. You can find one of Kellogg MBA essay examples below and start your admissions journey with EssayEdge!

Kellogg MBA essay analysis

As we mentioned above, it is crucial to take notes when reading essay samples. Our advice is not only to take over some cool features but also to do a thorough Kellogg MBA essay analysis. Think about the details, lexis, grammar, and structure of the paper you have read. Then, write down the list of things that caught your attention, what you liked the most about the paper on the whole, and what you would like to avoid in your own paper. It is all-important. In this way, you can create an outstanding essay that will certainly catch the readers’ attention. Right now, you can start and try to do this “exercise” with the following Kellogg MBA essay examples. Wish you the best of luck!

Essay of accepted MBA student Kellogg

I used my initiative to create and grow a program at my company, an executive recruiting and management leadership consulting firm, to do the same for college students as Kellogg does for its MBA candidates: educate, equip and inspire brave leaders who create lasting value.
With a goal of building a strong network and learning about the ways different companies are managed, I joined XXX after completing my Master of Management Studies at XXX in XXX. When I started, many of my colleagues said that they had fallen into this industry, especially when joining straight from a university. The younger generation of business professionals would not know about the [EXECUTIVE RECRUITING] industry since we work with high-level employees, rarely hired entry-level talent, and did not have a formal internship program, nor did our competitors. I saw the gap.
Since we were growing, we needed to promote our brand, attract analyst-level researchers, and create a talent pipeline. I started the internship program in my home office, XXX, and then co-led a program nationally the following year. Now, I am expanding the program globally.
My first year was not a success. I started recruiting too late in the year, which limited our talent pool, and I rushed [HIRING] decisions. Also, the company lacked engaging projects for the interns; they mostly did data entry, which meant they were not viewed as core team members. However, it was a good starting point, and the head of XXX asked me to co-lead a program with a XXX colleague. I jumped at the opportunity. I had learned from the prior year and started recruiting earlier, built both centrally- and locally-managed functions, and developed a straightforward appraisal and offer process. We also developed more hands-on projects for the interns.
Overall, I had XXX interns in XXX offices, which led to seven full-time hires. This year, we are expanding into other countries.
Through building this program, I have learned how to work with different offices, best practices in recruiting, and how to ask for support and consensus. Additionally, I had seen a gap in the system, even in a company that is XXX years old, and I realized I was right not to have been afraid to see room for improvement. Furthermore, I have learned that I thrive leading and building programs, which is what I will do at Kellogg and in my career moving forward.
I am proud to have created value for the firm by establishing recruiting relationships with local colleges, including XXX, and creating a pipeline of incoming talent, as well as leadership opportunities for employees to become internship managers in their offices.

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Our services do care about the success of your application. Therefore, we wish you the best of luck with your Kellogg MBA essay!

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