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You know you need great college essays ideas. But what should you include? Content is the most important factor in your college essays. We live in the Information Age, and content is king. An essay with simple sentence structures and basic vocabulary but outstanding content will always win the day over a college essay that, while exceptionally well-written, does not offer any useful information to the reader. This is especially important to keep in mind when you are brainstorming for your college essay ideas.

Here are some college essay tips to help you find the right content for your college application essays.

Great College Essays Ideas Center Around Outstanding Content

1. Brainstorm

The word ‘brainstorm’ has almost become a cliché. However, whatever you want to call it, ‘idea generation’, ‘idea mapping’, or ‘trial and error’, it is an integral part of the essay writing process. What stands out most to you in your experiences? What would you be most excited to tell the admissions committee if you could meet them in person? Was there a pivotal experience that shaped your decision to choose a school or a career path? These are the types of things that admissions officers need to know in order to become acquainted with you as an individual.

2. Set it Aside

This can be the most difficult of the college essay tips to heed: scheduling enough time for there to be a gap between the initial phase of idea generation and the actual writing process.

3. Write It All Out

Don’t censor your college essay ideas at this point. Write everything out, even in exacting detail. Something that seems insignificant in your head may be crucial to express to others so that they can understand the scenario you are developing.

4. Get Feedback from Others

Yes, it’s true that too many cooks spoil the pot. And it can drive you a little crazy trying to integrate diverse feedback into a cohesive essay. Therefore, look at it like a competition with scores from different judges. Drop the highest and lowest feedback and focus on patterns. What was most commented on? What was least understood?

5. Final Polish

After multiple revisions, errors can find their way into the essay. Do a final polish to ensure that your content is clearly expressed to the reader.

By following these college essay tips, you can be sure that your college essay ideas translate into powerful and persuasive college application essays.

Style, structure, and content are three pillars of a good paper. And we dare to put the last one in the first place — our extensive editing and proofreading experience lets us do it. If you feel that this information isn’t enough for you to finish your paper, we can do a college essay review for you.

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