Choosing MBA Program: Online or Face-to-Face Studying?


Our online essay editing couldn’t leave without attention a very important and “hot” topic of online education.
Due to the COVID pandemic that began in 2019, many people, who were willing to pursue the MBA degree, started thinking about attending online MBA. And the reason is pretty obvious and doesn’t need additional explanation. It is way safer rather than attending a class at university where you have to meet a bunch of different people day by day. Also, the problem is in reforming the remote life mode. During these two years, distance work and studying became an integral part of life. Therefore, many people find it doubtful and difficult to come back to the life flow they used to live before the pandemic.
Our MBA essay editing service has gathered the pros and cons of this decision and decided to put them together in one article, so you can make an informed decision and attend the program that will fit your needs the best, either online MBA program or an offline.

What are the reasons to attend online business school?

The popularity of online education became huge during the recent period of time. People decide on taking online classes more and more often rather than it was even two or three years ago. This trend didn’t pass by pursuing MBA degree online. The world is changing, priorities and lifestyles are also transforming rapidly. However, people do not usually understand the responsibility they are to take. Therefore, we decided to point out what can be the most common and popular reasons to take classes online and stay safe at home.
Of course, if you are afraid of being infected, you should take the online course. In this case, online MBA courses are certainly what you need. While avoiding extra contacts and meetings, you can be more assured that the risk of being infected is lower. The thing you should keep in mind is the fact that many universities are in the process of cancelling some of the online programs now due to the number of vaccinated people. This situation allows attending classes as before the pandemic. However, some universities still understand the willingness of people to have the opportunity to study remotely. So, they still implicate new opportunities for getting MBA online and develop new features to make the studying process as productive and efficient as it can be at the class. According to the GMAC survey, about 47% of all MBA programs can also be taken online, which proves that online studying isn’t decreasing; it transforms and obtains unique peculiarities to suit the needs of applicants.
Also, one of the factors that play a huge role in the popularization of online MBA programs is the accessibility for people all over the world. People, who don’t have an opportunity to move to the US, have a chance to get a degree from a top-rated university and get the knowledge and skills that seemed to be unavailable a few years ago.
An obvious fact, this way of studying is way cheaper than attending a class at the university. Moreover, scholarships and loans are available for online studying too. This fact makes people be interested in studying online more than offline.
Also, the flexibility of MBA online programs can’t be unimpressive. You can share your studying time along with the work. According to Seattle University research, the average age of students attending MBA programs is 28 years. The thing is, that means that many of them probably have full-time jobs. Therefore, combining studying and work becomes easier and more convenient. Work-life balance has gained great importance in society during the last years. With online studying, it is more comfortable to maintain a life routine without extra hustle and bustle.
If you have recognized your personality needs described in the reasons we mentioned above, it is a sign to think about taking MBA programs online.

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Can even best online MBA be good for me?

Many discussions and doubts surround the issue about the quality of online education. Some people are still suspicious about the quality of even best online MBA programs. People think that online studying has a lot of opportunities for students to cheat, miss classes, and simply receive the degree without having enough knowledge for the MBA graduate status.
However, things have changed. If the student is interested in receiving a prestigious degree, knowledge, and skills, they will never crib or miss classes. Also, universities are in charge of the degrees they entrust to their students, so they do everything possible to prove the attainments of the students. Therefore, you don’t have to be worried about the recognition of your degree.
Top MBA online programs do their best to provide students with the same quality of education as they could receive while sitting in the class. To take all possible advantages of online degrees, we recommend checking whether you as a person are suitable enough to study online. Ask yourself some questions and understand the direction to choose.

    1. Do I have enough motivation to study, really?

Are you ready to take the responsibility to cope with the tasks on your own, without extra help and cheating? If the answer is “Yes!” congrats, you are the person who can start studying at online business school.

    1. Do I want to receive the degree for my personal development or for someone else?

If you are not interested in receiving the MBA degree, but you have to do it for someone’s else purposes, we recommend thinking attentively about this issue. For example, will you have enough time and motivation to complete studying, or will you only take someone’s place on the course?

    1. What are the reasons that push me away from studying online?

Create a list of issues that arise your worries about studying online. Then, think about the ways to resolve them on your own. Maybe, look for some best online business schools and the courses they offer. In this way, you can get rid of the suspicions that stop you from pursuing the online degree.

    1. Are you ready to study for about 3 years?

Online programs are usually flexible, so you don’t have a full studying load. Therefore, the studying process can be longer than a traditional course. For example, you can spend about 3 years to get the degree online rather than in 2 years offline.

To save your time and effort, we prepared the list of the best business schools to attend online.

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Are online MBAs worth it?

Our subjective answer is “Certainly, yes!”. Without any doubt, it is the form of education that is worth being on an equal footing with offline education. MBA online course can feel the same as an offline one if you immerse yourself in the process of studying and do all the given tasks with a high level of responsibility and engagement. The thing is that your motivation determines your success.
However, if you are the person who feels uncomfortable without extra control from the professor’s side and communication with the groupmates, studying online can be exhausting and tough. Therefore, think attentively about your personality and your abilities to study online and gain knowledge in this way.
One more point that stops students when choosing online MBA vs. traditional is degree recognition. People are doubtful whether getting an online degree will provide them with the same opportunities and salary expectations further or not.
During the last years, as we said before, online education has gained great recognition in society. The development of technologies allows organizing approximately the same system and “vibe” from education. Moreover, modern technologies and different applications provide the opportunity to create assignments and activities that are impossible to be done offline.
Therefore, it is up to you to choose the type of education depending on your needs, personality, and abilities.

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Checklist of the documents for MBA online programs

  • Official undergraduate transcripts to provide the GPA
  • GMAT results (optional for different schools)
  • Resume/CV to provide work experience, curriculum, and extracurricular activities
  • Personal statement or/and Statement of purpose
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Additional materials for the interview (optional)
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