What Is a Personal Statement For Grad: Just an Essay or Something More

Graduate Personal Statement

Many people set entering grad school as a goal that can cardinally change their life. However, not everybody understands what is a personal statement for grad and what is the weight of this essay regarding the whole package of documents for the application.
We understand that many misunderstandings can arise when preparing the essay for submission. Therefore, we decided to explain the importance of this paper, its role during the admissions process, and how you can increase your chances with the help of grad school personal statement.

What is a Personal Statement for Grad Application?

As an applicant, you may know that, as a rule, you are supposed to provide the admissions committee with several essays. They all are nonidentical, the requirements vary, and their purposes also are not similar. Here comes a problem common for applicants. They need more information on what is a personal statement for grad and its value during the application process. Therefore, our graduate essay editing decided to help you clarify all the issues that may arise.
First of all, the purpose of each application essay is to present the applicant’s personality: specific traits of character, life experiences and circumstances, willingness to learn and pursue the knowledge. Also, as the essay reflects the candidate’s personality, the admissions committee has the opportunity to estimate the ability of the applicant to fit into the studying community of the particular educational institution. The thing is that not everyone can prove themselves in the right way when being in the kind of a “wrong” grad school. Therefore, you have to decide what is a personal statement for grad and for you. You should understand that it is the essay that can help you get into the “match” school for you, or, vice versa, help you avoid the community that won’t give you the permission to move on and develop yourself.
We highly recommend taking the essay seriously and writing it without any evasions.
Your essay will stand on a par with your GRE or GMAT, transcripts, and recommendations. What is more important, it can provide admissions officers with additional information regarding your personality, your achievements, and the challenges you went through, so you can increase your matriculation chances by having an outstanding paper. You should understand that what is a personal statement for grad, the same it is for you. It is not one more additional paper in your admissions package, it is a document that can simply make or break your admissions.
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What Grad Personal Statement should be About?

Suppose you know what is a personal statement for grad and its purpose. However, as practice shows, many applicants don’t quite understand what this essay is about. Therefore, we want to clarify everything and explain the features of this crucial for the results of the application document.

    1. Start with a gripping statement

The goal of the essay is to present your personality and grab the readers’ attention from the first lines. You have to involve the readers in your story narrated further. Hook them, catch their attention, and make them want to read your essay till the last word.

    1. Tell them about your background

As we found out what is a personal statement for grad, it is the essay that reflects and presents your personality. So, you can feel free to include everything you want to share. It can be both your personal life experiences and educational background. Tell the readers, for instance, about the circumstances that forced your decision to obtain a degree, about your career achievements or challenges, tell them about goals you achieved or set to accomplish with the help of education. The main rule is to write about things that are important for you, not something that you think admissions officers want to read, no. Tell them about things that bother you.

    1. Be yourself

What is a personal statement for grad? First and foremost, your essay is about you, not about someone else. It is about your thoughts and state of mind. Don’t think that some cliches will catch admissions officers’ attention. Provide honest opinions and statements that match your life outlook, beliefs, and values. It is a decisive factor to understand whether you match the chosen grad school or not. Therefore, don’t try to pretend to be the person you are not.

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Tips and Tricks to Follow to get a Great Essay

Once you have clarified what is a personal statement for grad, you will certainly look through some grad personal statement tips. We have gathered the most crucial information altogether, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time searching for additional specifications.
Our first and main advice that will help you understand the pattern and to get more information is to use samples. You can look through the successful essay and note down the tricks authors used to make their essay special. So, if you like one of those, you can apply them to your essay to make it more engaging and gripping.
Moreover, it would be a great idea to find students who have already got a seat in the educational institution you want to apply to and ask them about their experiences. Ask them how do they define what is a personal statement for grad. It can give you some grad personal statement prompts so you can clarify some information for yourself.
If you are not sure about any part of your essay, we advise referring to an experienced essay editor. This person can help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your paper, the things that should be pointed out and rehashed. Furthermore, the editor can highlight the parts of the essay that need extra attention, check the grammar, lexis, and help you resolve possible omissions.

We believe that you won’t face big trouble writing a graduate school personal statement. However, we would like to remind you about the importance of editing and proofreading. EssayEdge supplemental essay proofreading quality is outstanding, and we would like more students to test it. If you feel something is wrong with your essay, let us know.

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