How To Make a Student Resume For The First Job?


It is a common situation when young people, who have just entered the educational institution, try to get a job. Additional money and experience attract students and provide them with the motivation to receive the job offer. However, many young people have the issue of how to make a resume for first job and grab the opportunity immediately. In this article, we are supposed to aid you with some tips and tricks for your success. 

Our college editing service and ResumeEdge have found some important and useful ways to make your resume an outstanding one. 

How to make a resume with no experience and receive a job offer? 

Receiving the first job offer is a determining factor in the whole career. For someone, the first job is to change everything, including the development of the career further. The crucial point of getting a job is submitting a nice CV or resume (depending on the requirements) that fully covers the abilities, knowledge, and skills of the potential employee. However, there comes the question of how to write a cv for a job with no experience. It may be tough, especially if you have no previous experience in the field you have chosen. For instance, you have never provided volunteer work regarding the specific specialization. In particular, such situations are common for first-year students who don’t have enough experience and skills to immerse themselves into the job process completely. 

Imagine the situation when you finally have found a great position with good payments and convenient work shifts. However, it is your first job, and you feel insecure about your resume. You start searching for information on the internet about how to make a resume with no experience. No doubts, you can find some guidelines and tips. But how to implicate those recommendations in real life?

Crafting the resume that includes a comprehensive overview of your personality and the abilities you have is a challenging and tough process. It may be difficult to deal with such a thing even if you have some aids and pieces of advice in front of your eyes. 

That said, every challenge can become possible if you have professional assistance and support. Even the issue of how to write a cv for a job with no experience can be resolved quickly with the help of proficient experts. 

The writing prompts of student resume with no work experience

So, you have decided that you need to get a job and you want to receive a particular position in a certain company. Thus, you have to submit a resume, but you don’t know how to make a resume for first job. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for such a crucial task. 

  1. Write down the list of activities you have done before.
    While you deal with entry-level resume writing, it is essential to have a list of things you can do well in front of you. Remember all extracurricular activities, volunteer work and scientific researches you have done. Everything matters! Remember, maybe, you have assisted your teacher, or you have helped your relatives with some tasks. It can be a nice point in the resume. 
  2. Create the mindmap of skills you have gained.
    Once you have listed the activities you have done, write down the list of skills you have applied to cope with the particular tasks. If you are doubtful regarding what to put on resume with no experience, the list of skills is definitely what you need. The employer can look through the abilities you have and decide whether you are an appropriate candidate for the position or not. 
  3. Write down the summary of the things you can do the best.
    You may have faced the issue of writing the summary of the gained experience when preparing for writing statement of purpose for the application to the educational institution. The aim of writing the summary is to have a short overview of everything you can do well to include that information in your resume. Additionally, you can submit the summary with your resume to provide the employer with more information about you. To be aware of the summary format and requirements, you should look through resume summary examples for students with no work experience and find something useful for you. 

The success of receiving the job offer depends on the combination of your soft and hard skills. When applying for the first job, you have to prepare yourself for the fact that you are supposed to make the employer interested in your personality. Provide as much information about your skills as possible. Highlight your strengths and readiness to cope with a great variety of tasks. In case you don’t have enough practice and experience in the particular field, it is better to stress the soft skills that will help you deal with the supposed responsibilities. Here are some examples of the soft skills you can use in your resume if they really match your abilities: 

  • Self-management
  • Open-mindedness
  • Logical reasoning
  • Decision making
  • Discipline
  • Public speaking
  • Tolerance

Keep in mind that, as a rule, student resume with no work experience completely consists of the extracurricular experience and lists of soft skills as well as hard skills. 

Resume for students with no experience: is there a particular format? 

The format of the resume usually is an individual thing, and it is up to the student to decide on the way to present themselves. However, here are a few tips regarding resume format for students with no experience. 

  1. Use a readable font.
    As a rule, the recruitment teams have to look through hundreds of resumes per day. It is difficult to concentrate on the content of the paper when you additionally have to put effort into understanding the words and sentences. Our essay editor pointed out that the readable font is a good idea for all the papers you have to write and submit. Don’t use an awkward font, even if it is very beautiful.
    This point may be called the most important one in resume format for students with no experience
  2. Use a white background.
    And again, it is everything about the easiness of reading. Colorful background, especially a vivid one, will distract the reader, and they may lose crucial information and some points that are necessary to remember in your CV. 
  3. Don’t overuse the bullet points.
    If you have a list of similar activities, for instance, several volunteer practices in the alike organizations, you don’t have to write the same duties many times. No job experience resume, as well as the resume that describes a certain background, shouldn’t contain a lot of repeatable points. There is no need to iterate the same information even twice as it is obvious that you have particular skills. 
  4. Don’t use cliche words.
    Don’t be obvious, be unique. The list of words like “motivated, fast learner, and born to be the leader” won’t play in your favor. After writing such cliches, the only thing you will receive is negative feedback and a spoiled impression of your no job experience resume

Is it appropriate to use samples to create resume with no work experience? 

Using samples is always a good idea! Especially when we lead the conversation about first time resume with no experience samples. There are many positive reasons for referring to the examples. 

First of all, you will have the pattern in front of your eyes. Moreover, you can find the format you like the most and stick to it. A successful example will provide you with extra motivation to get your essay done just in the perfect shape to impress the reader. 

Also, the good idea is to look through the example of the edited resume for students with no experience to be aware of the common mistakes and get rid of them in your own text. Professional editors usually have an eye on the mistakes that are repeated constantly in CVs and resumes. Therefore, you can warn yourself in this way, save time and effort. 

However, you have to keep in mind that you are not allowed to copy-paste any information from the examples. Don’t write the list of skills and activities that are not inherent to your personality. The employer can check everything very easily! 

EssayEdge wishes you the best of luck with your resume with no work experience! Remember that you can resolve even the most challenging task with professional assistance!

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