MBA Essays Must Be Unique and Personal


When you think about writing your MBA essay, you should focus on creating a unique and personal essay. ‘This means that your MBA essay should be both distinctive and representative of you’ – say EssayEdge editors.

How do you create an MBA essay which illustrates your individual characteristics and emphasizes your special qualities? You will need to spend a lot of time planning and thinking about the essays. One method of deciding what to write is to imagine that you are sitting in an interview room, looking across a polished oak desk at the Director of Admissions for the MBA program. She is asking you to tell her about yourself. She wants you to discuss your hopes and dreams, your goals, and anything else interesting that will help her get to know you well enough as a person to decide whether you will be a potentially successful candidate for the program. She wants you to tell her something she does not yet know, after reviewing your application file.

MBA Essays Must Be Unique and Personal - EssayEdge

Make Your MBA Essay Truly Stand Out

You will want to impress the admissions director but you do not want to brag about or embellish your accomplishments. You should give her a glimpse of your sincere motivation to earn a graduate business degree. Tell her about your first business experience as a six-year-old running a lemonade stand in front of your parents’ house. Share the excitement you felt when customers lined up to pay you for your paper cups of freshly squeezed sweet lemonade, that you had made with your mother’s help that morning. You can go on from there to explain your strong interest in an advertising career and what you hope to do when you earn your MBA with a concentration in marketing.

This memorable scenario began with you thinking about MBA essay editing. Be creative and seek an approach that is very personal and specific to you. Review your challenging internships and rewarding volunteer work. Focus on your unique long term goals, not the ones you think the committee expects to hear. An MBA essay will give you the opportunity to tell the admissions committee something about yourself which they cannot learn from your regular application materials. That is the best reason to make your MBA essays unique and personal.

Using stories to illustrate your motivation and dedication will help make the MBA essays very personal. Always try to “show” the admissions committee, rather than merely “telling” them about yourself. That approach should make yours a memorable MBA essay.

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