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The same writing skills that you learned in English or writing class will help you find great college essay ideas. You can also find many helpful college essay tips online, and there are many books available to help you create a great college essay. However, writing your college application essay is not that different from the type of writing that you are used to. Whether you are accustomed to writing more for business or research papers for your classes, you will only need to make a few changes to write in the style that is most desired for college essays.

1. Content is King

Admissions committees are looking for the heart of your essay. Make sure that you are expressing your points clearly and getting to the point quickly. While it is not advisable to submit an essay that is significantly shorter than average, admissions officers will respect an essay that is tightly constructed and offers valuable information.

2. Demonstrate that You Took Time to Write the Essay

It is unrealistic to expect the admissions officers to care more about your essay than you do. If your essay has great content but also goes off on irrelevant tangents, appears hastily written, or the tone of your college essay tips over into one of exasperation with the essay writing process, they will lose interest quickly. Show that you are serious in applying to their program by taking the time to create a polished product.

3. Let Others Review Your Essay

Especially if you’re not sure about the direction or quality of your draft of the essay thus far, it can be frightening to show it to others. However, you plan to show it to the admissions committee, so why not get some feedback? That is not to say that you have to include every recommendation from another person. But it will give you needed insight into how others will likely view your college essay.

College Essay Tips that will Help You Write Well - EssayEdge

The Best College Essay Ideas are Not Complicated

Unfortunately, there are also many bad college essay tips out there. Books and websites tell you that they have college essay ideas on how to ensure that your essay will completely astonish the admissions officers. Or they promise that they can help you submit an essay that is among the top 50 (or 100 or 200) best essays that the school has ever received. There really is no need for such nonsense in generating outstanding college essay ideas. Admissions officers most want essays that are well-written but focused on content.

Any college curriculum contains at least a basic writing course, so we believe you have enough skills to draft your future essay. Don’t think it’s not enough: send this draft to our college essay edit service. Our editors know how to transform even the worst essay into an A-grade paper.

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