College Essay Examples: 4 Aspects To Know

College Samples

Don’t start looking at college essays samples without a clear game plan. Here are four tips to help you get the most out of reviewing sample essays, wherever you find them.

1. Remember that these samples were chosen for a reason

Essays featured as samples have something in particular that makes them worth reviewing. Every time you look at college essay samples, ask yourself why that particular essay is being held up as an example. Is it the story? The writing? The organization? All of those elements? Something completely different? Don’t just assume that an essay is great in all respects. Bring a critical eye to your review and pinpoint what you like about the essay and what doesn’t work so well.

2. Your Own Story is Different from that of Anyone Else

Because being unique and personal is vital to the success of an admission essay, you should know that a story that works for someone else will likely not work for you. Similarly, the best essay you can write will likely not work for anyone else. Understanding that you can review samples, but you should never feel constrained by them. They can give you a better understanding of the task, but they should not make you feel like you absolutely must (or must not) write about something in particular. Don’t lose your own voice by looking at a college essay example.

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3. Samples have often been Edited or even Rewritten

The essays you see featured as samples are often prepared before they are published. That could mean substantial editing, reorganization, or even rewriting of entire sections. Some sample essays are actually written specifically for the purpose of being featured and have never been submitted as part of any application.

4. Most of the Best Essays are Not Published

This is extremely important to understand why you should think about college essay review. The simple truth is that the vast majority of excellent admissions essays are never featured in a book or on a website. In fact, they may only ever be read by three or four people: the author, maybe a friend or editor, and an admissions officer or two. In fact, because many of the best college application essays are so intensely personal, they’re not meant to be read by a broad audience.

Overall, just remember that there are an infinite number of ways to write an outstanding college application essay. Don’t limit yourself based on what you see or read in a college essay example.

We regularly post college essay samples and want you to check them, given these nuances. Essays you read should help you craft your own ones faster. If you see any reverse effect, change your approach. Samples will hardly help you with editing, so our college application essay proofreading service is always ready to assist you.

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