Stay Specific in Your Statement of Interest for Graduate School

Statement of Purpose

When writing your Statement of Interest for Graduate School, remember to stay specific. This statement, which is similar to the personal statement, is the opportunity for the candidate to offer a detailed look at his or her motivation, dedication, inspiration, and passion for the field. The university requests a statement of interest for graduate school in an effort to learn more about the candidate than is revealed in the application packet, which includes test scores, grades, letters of recommendation, and a resume or curriculum vitae (CV.)

The application packet contains numbers and statistics, revealing the candidate’s data and indicators of potential success in the program. What the packet does not include is the information which should be included in the statement of interest for graduate school. This information “shows” the admissions committee, rather than “tells” them, the type of student the candidate will be. This is accomplished through stories about experiences that have influenced the candidate in their choice of graduate programs and eventual career.

Work to Make Your Personal Statement Technically Perfect and Emotionally Compelling

A charming anecdote or a painfully personal story can allow the admissions committee to get to know the candidate on a level not available through statistical analysis. Composing a statement of interest for graduate school should be done carefully and with a great deal of thought. Word count is usually limited, especially considering the large number of these statements read by the committee members, so a concise and solid statement of interest for graduate school is appealing as well as informative.

Think carefully about your academic background and incidents, positive to be highlighted or negative to be diminished by a brief explanation, which could be included in the statement, graduate school admission essay editing. Are there exceptional personal circumstances which the admissions committee would benefit from knowing about you? Is there a deeply moving story you would like to share about your inspiration to study medicine? Or is there a humorous anecdote about a law internship which could be shared to reveal your lighthearted personality, which is underpinned by a rock-solid sense of justice. Consider the best way to personalize your statement of interest for graduate school. Maximize the opportunity to let the admissions committee get to know you and the reasons why you hope to attend their university’s program. Use strong words and clear ideas to portray your passion for graduate school. Be specific!

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