Successful Admission to an MBA Program. Recommendations from an Expert – Yellow Editor Podcast #5

MBA Yellow Editor Podcast
Yellow Editor's Podcast by EssayEdge
Yellow Editor's Podcast by EssayEdge
Successful Admission to an MBA Program. Recommendations from an Expert – Yellow Editor Podcast #5

How to get into a top MBA program? This is the question all of the prospective MBA applicants googled million times since the admission to business school is highly competitive and to have the answer means being one step closer to successful enrollment.

If you want to know how to get accepted into b school, put everything aside, and make yourself comfortable. Our guest today, Shruti Parashar, the founder of Goalisb, https://www.goalisb.com/contact-goalisb, the MBA admission consultant, is an expert at preparation for an MBA interview and knows what the top business schools are looking for from a prospective applicant. She has helped hundreds of applicants enter their dream schools and will share her recommendations on how to succeed in this challenging process of MBA admission.

The list of questions we cover in the podcast:

  1. Tell a little bit about your background? Where did you grow up? How did you come up to pursue your academic path and how did EssayEdge help you with your admission docs?
  2. You are the founder of MBA admission consultant service. How did you come up with an idea to help applicants in MBA admission?
  3. What prospective MBAs should know about applying to top business schools?
  4. How can one develop skills to get accepted into a business school like Harvard, Columbia and Stanford? What are the MBA requirements in the USA?
  5. An interview is an inevitable part of MBA admission. Can you please give some guidance on how to prepare for it, what types of questions are the most common and what should an applicant expect from an interview in general?
  6. A recommendation letter is a very important part of MBA admission. How can an applicant get a letter for their MBA application to succeed in their b school admission?
  7. Speaking about low grades- Is it hard to get accepted to a top business school if your grades are low?
  8. What are the criteria for choosing a college for MBA?
  9. Getting into the MBA program is very challenging. What is your advice for incoming MBA applicants?

MBA Admissions is a very challenging process. However, if you are prepared enough, you have nothing to worry about. Our podcast show will help you reveal your strong traits and emphasize what parts of your application need to be paid more attention.

If you are on your way to business school admission and have difficulties structuring and polishing your documents, check our MBA essay editing service for more information. We have experts in this filed to help you craft the most impressive essay ever.

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