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Graduate Personal Statement

A great grad school personal statement requires a different strategy than its college counter-part. If you are thinking about writing your personal statement for grad school, there are three tips for success that you should know. The tips are primarily common sense, with some marketing background and years of writing experience thrown into the mix. But if you are going to spend the time writing personal statement for grad school, you might as well write a really great one!

Writing Personal Statement for Grad School: 3 Tips - EssayEdge

How to Write a Grad School Personal Statement: 3 Tips for your success

  1. Be creative and unique.
  2. Show them, don’t just tell them.
  3. Dream big!

These tips may seem simple or silly at first glance, but they are definitely worth a second look and an explanation.

Tip 1. Be creative and unique.

In order to be unique, that is, different from the rest of the crowd, you must be creative. Imagination will make you stand out from the other candidates. Be creative in your writing style or your choice of topics. Being creative does not mean being outrageous, using shock value for attention. Creativity requires extra work and planning. Innovation in your approach to your topic when you are writing a personal statement for grad school can be as easy as thinking about how you are different from other applicants. Celebrate your difference and capture the attention of the admissions committee.

Tip 2. Show them, don’t just tell them.

This is good advice for any essay-writing situation, but especially when you want to know how to write a personal statement for grad school. Instead of making a long list of your attributes, consider sharing a story which demonstrates those traits. The members of the admissions committee will probably remember an interesting story longer than a repetitive listing of personal characteristics. Be selective in your choice of stories and consider telling the story to friends or family members to see what kind of reaction you receive. You will want a story that relates to the program you hope to study or that exemplifies qualities you will need to have to succeed in the field.

Tip 3. Dream big!

When you are thinking about your future, it is perfectly fine to dream big! Consider your options and then compare them against your wishes. If you think it is too late to go to grad school, remember that it is never too late to accomplish your goals.

When writing your personal statement for grad school, incorporate the three tips above to be successful in your quest. It may take a little more time to think about these options, but the finished product should definitely be worth it.

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