The List of Top Colleges In The US: 2020-2021 Ranking

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The college you choose impacts your life significantly. Bachelor degree holders from top universities are likely to earn $1 million more than a worker without a postsecondary education. Additionally, a diploma from a top college can help you win during the interview process and grant yourself with job stability and better career opportunities. Education is a very good investment and will definitely pay for itself in a couple of years.

Check the list of top colleges in the USA so you could select the best college for you and prepare for successful admission.

College Ranking 2020-2021


The history goes back to 1861 when this college was founded. Situated in Cambridge, it attracted the attention of research lovers willing to pass knowledge. Nowadays, MIT is very hard to get accepted to as its acceptance rate is 7%. This university is the source of getting a foundation and rebuilds one in a better person. The alumni of MIT are the developers in artificial intelligence, poverty alleviation, and cancer. If you are obsessed with  Statistics, Computer and Information Science, so there is no doubt you should consider applying MIT.  Based on statistics, it is the top academic college.


This is not a secret that Stanford is located in California, and is excellent in both academic and technical fields. Stanford‘s alumni have founded companies among which are Yahoo, Google and Hewlett-Packard, and many others. This university has beautiful campuses and an incredible atmosphere that will continuously motivate you.

The admissions are very competitive since its acceptance rate is  4%. The popular disciplines are the following- Computer and Information Science, Engineering, and Social Sciences. Stanford is the best for psychology in America.

Yale University

Since 1701 it has been known as a research university located in Connecticut.  It has got twelve colleges that have their libraries, gyms, and dorms. If your area of interest are Biological and Biomedical Sciences, and History Sciences, Yale University will be the perfect college for you. This University specializes in Art History, Theater, and Fine Arts.  The University has 14 schools and the acceptance rate is 6%. Being the college with the best professors in America and the best college for sociology in America, it has so much to give to the applicants and shape their destiny drastically.


This college does not require additional description as it is known worldwide.  However, we could not step aside and not mention that this is the oldest higher educational establishment in the U.S. It goes without saying that this college takes the first place between colleges that are hard to get into since the rejection is very high. Its acceptance rate is 5% and the majors are Political Science and Government, and Economics. It’s not only about the prestige. Harvard helps evolve in all the academic goals students are pursuing.

Princeton University

Princeton offers great opportunities, amazing mentorship, and the atmosphere in general. It’s not only a member of the Ivy League, but it’s definitely the best in terms of academic excellence.  Its majors are social sciences, engineering, and humanities. Princeton has 180 buildings that include 10 libraries. This institution guarantees accommodation and is committed to building a diversified community. Princeton attracts the attention of students who are longing to connect their professional life with political science and public policy.

Duke University

This University is recognized for athletics. Duke is located in Durham, North Carolina. Top majors are computer science, economics, and public policy. Duke has 11 institutes and centers in which students can check what they have learned. Economics and Public Policy Analysis are the most popular majors.  A great part of the graduates completes two or more internships during their time at University.

Brown University

Brown is a private university located in Providence. You may ask if it Is it a part of Ivy League. And the answer will be – Yes, Brown is a member. Brown takes the first place for the best college for England second place for colleges with the best professors in U.S.  Brown meets student’s financial needs and offers scholarship grants. The acceptance rate is 8%. The popular disciplines include Computer Science, Economics, and Biology. Notable Brown alumni include John Kennedy Jr, actress Emma Watson, and CNN founder Ted Turner.

Columbia University

It is the third most selective college in the U.S. and the second in the Ivy League after Harvard. It consists of 20 schools, undergraduate and graduate ones. It takes the first place for the best college for philosophy and the second place for English in America. The acceptance rate is 5.8 percent. If you are interested in social science, computer and information science, engineering, so the choice must have been already done. The indicator of student satisfaction is 99%.

University of Pennsylvania

Penn is an Ivy League representative that is located in Philadelphia. Penn has four undergraduate schools, such as the college of Arts and Sciences, the second one is the School of Nursing, Penn Engineering, and the Wharton School.  Admissions are very competitive as the acceptance rate is 8%. Students are applying for this university since they are willing to concentrate on Business, Management, Marketing, and  Biological Sciences. The University pays much attention to students willing to take part in ice hockey, athletics, and other clubs.

Rice University

If Kinesiology and Physical Therapy is what attracts you the most, then Rice University is the best choice for you. Located in the heart of Houston, Rice University has schools of Architecture, Business, Engineering, Humanities, Music, Natural, and  Social Sciences.  Rice gives good financial aid packages for students and draws the attention of applicants internationally.

Northwestern University

This college is a top research university in the country and gives students a chance to pursue a variety of disciplines. Students can make a choice among the 190 disciplines. Speaking about the majors so they are Economics, Psychology, and Journalism. The acceptance rate is 8%. The University is chosen by students nationally and internationally for its educational programs. About 61% of applicants are provided by a scholarship so the university meets the needs of students for 100%.

Vanderbilt University

This higher establishment takes the leading position for the best college for education. That is why is it so attractive for students around the world. Located in Nashville, it has four undergraduate and six graduate schools.  Vanderbilt is home to many research centers, among which are several interdisciplinary centers such

as the Center for Digital Humanities, the Center for Latin American Studies, and the Center for Integrative and Cognitive Neuroscience. Vanderbilt is highly competitive and has a 10% acceptance rate.

Promona College

Promona College is the most prestigious representative of the Claremont Colleges. With the acceptance rate that is 8%, Promona has 48 majors with everything from philosophy to antique-medieval studies offered, and all students are obliged to pass a senior exercise in their field of study. Located within an hour of Los Angeles, it can offer so many diverse opportunities for research, internships, and fun. Promona takes the first place among the USA college rankings for the most diversified and best small colleges in the U.S.

Washington University in St. Louis

WUSTL is named after George Washington and is a private university located in St Louis. Undergraduates can choose from majors across five schools. College of Arts and Sciences, followed by the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and the Olin Business School have so much to offer to all the prospective candidates and help them grow professionally. Admissions are competitive as the acceptance rate is 15%. WUSTL is the best college for Architecture in America.


This college is a private one and is a part of the Ivy League. Students are mostly attracted by its schools of business, engineering and medicine and 16 programs in such disciplines as the arts and sciences.  Economics, Political Science, and Government are the disciplines most of the students concentrate on.  About 75% of students take part in sports, with 25% participating in internal athletics. Dartmouth consists of 350 clubs, including Greek life. Around 48% of undergraduates receive financial aid.

The acceptance rate is 9%, so applicants should prepare well before admission. Professors here are among the leaders in their fields yet remain devoted to teaching.

California Institute of Technology

Caltech is an educational establishment situated in Pasadena, California. Speaking about the schools’ academic strengths, so they are technology and engineering. Caltech has a research output and many high-quality facilities, among which are the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (belongs to NASA), the Caltech Seismological Laboratory, and the International Observatory Network. Caltech created its own form of the community through a system of eight houses and three undergraduate residences. The first-year students are given the choice between the houses on campus before picking a permanent residence so an applicant can rest assured to find the one that totally meets their needs

University of Notre Dame

This University is the best college for religious studies. It’s the nation’s main Catholic university.  The college has four undergraduate colleges, such as  Arts and Letters, Science, Engineering, and the Mendoza College of Business — the School of Architecture, the Keough School of Global Affairs, the Law School and the Graduate School. It goes without saying that if you want to become a student of this college you should try really hard as the acceptance rate is 18%. Popular disciplines are Finance, Economics, and Engineering.

University of Chicago

Chicago has a superior reputation for its professional schools. University of Chicago graduates are in charge of the evolvement of such disciplines as sociology, economics, and literary criticism. If you feel motivation for media and film, in this case, this University is exactly for you as it is home to the Doc Films and releases a couple of magazines.

Cornell University

There is no need to mention the reputation of the Ivy League school and Cornell is one of them. It broadens its prestige beyond its main campus in idyllic Ithaca, NY, with a tech campus in New York City, architecture studios in Rome, and world-class medical programs in Qatar.

Cornell has eight undergraduate schools that offer 4,000 courses across academic departments, so it can give something for everybody. The University concentrates on undergraduate study and research and for sure is the best college for Agricultural Sciences in America.

University of Southern California

It is a world-class research university, the oldest private one in the West. The most popular programs are biology and political science. More than half of UCLA students get some form of financial assistance, and 34% of them are qualified for Pell Grants.  The acceptance rate is 13%. USC has become world-renowned in the fields of communication and multimedia technologies, has received national approval for its modernized community outreach programs.

Please, treat this choice responsibly. The place of study impacts can dramatically change your future. Set goals, but realistic ones. The chance of being accepted to a top college with a low GPA and poor essay is extremely small. Our experts review college essays for different universities, so you can send your paper to us and try your luck.

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