How to Prepare for the LSAT-Flex – Yellow Editor Podcast #4

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Yellow Editor's Podcast by EssayEdge
Yellow Editor's Podcast by EssayEdge
How to Prepare for the LSAT-Flex - Yellow Editor Podcast #4

Students who are thinking about applying to law are familiar with the LSAT which is an inevitable part of the law application process.To be successful in a legal career, one should possess abilities to comprehend complex texts with accuracy. Additionally, if you are considering bound your life with law, you should be competent to manage information and draw prudent withdrawal from it, think critically, and of course, analyze the arguments of others. And the main task of the LSAT it to evaluate whether you possess these abilities or not.

The whole world was affected by the pandemic and it influenced education significantly. That is why the LSAT-Flex is now the alternative. It’s an online form of LSAT. However, so many applicants are not sure if the law schools pay the same attention to the LSAT-Flex score as to the standard LSAT. They have read so many LSAT prep books and still are overwhelmed with questions. The standard LSAT consists of six 35 minute sections. And what about the structure of the LSAT-Flex? What should the applicants be prepared to? Is it worth to consider taking the LSAT-Flex at all? Our guest today is Steve Schwartz, who has his own LSAT blog http://lsatblog.blogspot.com/p/lsat-prep-tips.html and the LSAT Unplugged Podcast https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/lsat-unplugged/id1450308309?mt=2. Also, do not forget to join his Facebook group to get more information about the LSAT https://www.facebook.com/groups/lsatunplugged/ and his YouTube channel to be informed about all the changes in the law admission process https://www.youtube.com/lsatblog.

Steve has helped thousands of students enter the law schools and master the LSAT. And today, Steve will be our mentor to the LSAT-Flex.

In this episode, we will highlight such questions:

  1. What is the main difference between LSAT and LSAT-Flex? Who is suitable for the test?
  2. What about the structure of the LSAT-Flex? How many sections does it consist of?
  3. Does it still have logic games and reading comprehension?
  4. What should the applicants focus on during the test?
  5. Will the LSAT- Flex be easier because it has fewer questions?
  6. Is LSAT writing still required and when/how an applicant can do that?
  7. The best way to manage stress and pass the LSAT test successfully.

If you hesitate whether to take the LSAT-Flex or not, this podcast episode will tell you about all the LSAT facts and what to anticipate. Additionally, you will gain knowledge about the LSAT-Flex administration’s special rules and the LSAT-Flex test format. You will get the keys to pass this test successfully and without stress.

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