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A medical student CV makes the initial point of contact between you, the applicant, and the institution you wish to join. Given this significance, it helps to craft a medical school resume that goes beyond simply providing your history, educational milestones, professional experience, and other necessary accomplishments. You ought to endeavor to craft a resume that paints you in the best light while, at the same time, standing out from other applications.

If you’re already thinking of creating a CV and would like to get some help, well, this post is for you. Below, you will learn everything regarding how to create the desired resume for medical school.

Recommendations about Structure of a Resume

Before you do anything about the structure of your resume for med school, it is advisable to scrutinize the site of the institution you wish to join to see if there’re any specifications on how you should write your paper. Most of the time, these guidelines are sufficient and will tell you about essential details such as the desired length, the parts you have to provide, and so forth.

Note, at all times, the institution’s recommendations when it comes to the structure of a resume should be prioritized. Nonetheless, if the institution does not have any guidelines, below are some of the things to do to ensure that your medical school student resume has the proper structure.

  • Adopt the reverse-chronological order, whereby, you first provide the latest educational qualification, occupation, or accomplishment, and then work back
  • Sub-divide your CV into several parts to make it simple to follow through
  • Utilize bullets to make your entries stand out
  • Make good use of space, avoiding the cluttering of info in a specific part
  • Utilize a legible and sizeable typeface to make reading easy.

Recommendations about that Content of a Resume

By skimming through a sample resume for medical school admission, you will know the right content to give in your paper. Most of the time, these are the essential segments you need to have in your CV for med school.

Contact Details

This info is placed in the upper part of the first page of your CV. These details are your name, professional email, phone no., and address. If you’ve created a LinkedIn profile, you can include the same if you feel it will have an impact.

Educational Info

In this part, list your educational details, starting with the latest qualifications and then the rest. Some of the info you can provide includes your degree, major, minor, schooling institution, and more info, GPA, and so forth.

Work-Related Experience

Here, you have to provide all the info about your professional medical know-how. These details assist the panel in comprehending the level of your skill and knowledge. At all times, ensure that you separate part-time gigs from full-time occupations by putting them under the appropriate headings.

In this part, you can also include your volunteer gigs, internship, or community responsibilities.

Professional Groups and Recognitions

This part is reserved for info on any professional bodies that you have joined and are a recognized member. Honors from professionals, schooling, or other establishments should also be elaborated here.

Publications and Presentations

If you have any publications and presentations that have been recognized in the medical field, it is smart to include them in your CV. To ensure that the assessor can go through this section well, provide detailed bibliographic entries.


This info should be provided at the end of your resume. For every entry, write the name, role, address, email, and telephone details.

Other information you can include as content for your CV include:

  • Skills
  • Relevant courses and certifications
  • Administrative experience
  • Appropriate extra-curricular undertakings.

Recommendations about the Tone of the Resume

This piece of writing is meant for formal purposes. For this reason, you should adopt a formal tone throughout the CV while being clear and concise. You should write your document in the active voice, and action verbs should be used when listing your capabilities. Do not use slang in your CV at any instant.

To get a better idea regarding the tone you need to adopt, take at any of the many medical school resume examples available online. This way, you will comprehend what you have to do when it comes to the voice of your paper.

Final Words

Writing a CV for medical school is not challenging, at least, not when you take the info you’ve seen here into consideration when you are required to write one. Ultimately, your intention should be to create a mistake-free resume that stands out and paints you in the best light.

An applicant’s CV isn’t a whim but the necessary element of your med school application. Admission officers and faculty members can’t assess you without it. Be responsible when working on it and carefully think over each step. But rather follow our recommendations and order personal statement editing medical school here. The committee won’t be able to ignore your paper.

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