Law School Statement of Purpose: Writing About Your Goals


When you begin writing your law school personal statement, use a logical approach to present the best impression of your candidacy. Create an outline of the personal statement, carefully noting the major points which you hope to cover. Law school personal statements should be just that: personal statements. Remember to emphasize your goals, noting both short term and long term objectives.

The purpose of the law school personal statements, from the perspective of the admissions committee, is to get to know the candidate better. This is the applicant’s opportunity to show the admissions committee his or her long term plans following law school, which are probably not specifically covered in the application. The candidate’s own specific goals are ideal topics for law school personal statements. Make yourself come alive on the written page by being passionate about your future. Describe your memorable past experiences with legal situations which have helped you define your prospective goals.

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Make Your Goals Stand Out with Law School Personal Statement Editing

Create a personal statement which reveals your genuine commitment to the field and your dreams for the future. Help the admissions committee see beyond the statistics to your suitability for their law school program. If you have volunteered for a political campaign, consider writing about that experience. Were you an elected representative to student government, exposed early to the vagaries of an adversarial organization? Have you championed a non-profit organization, fighting for the rights of the underserved? There are many ways to let the admissions committee get to know you beyond the margins of your standard application. Once you capture their attention, it is important to define and detail your goals for your career and for the use of your law school degree.

When you have completed a draft of your law school personal statement, you may want to consider having a professional editor review what you have written. It is often useful to have a different perspective of your statement, particularly one which is objective and detached. Your friends may review your essay but not know how to suggest ways to improve it or not want to hurt your feelings by saying it may be less than perfect. An editor is an expert at suggesting ways to improve not just the content but the mechanics of the personal statement. Perhaps you have misquoted a famous Supreme Court Justice, been redundant in your listing of goals, or made simple grammatical errors which could affect the look of your personal statement. An editor will help you with law school personal statement editing and suggest ways to improve it. Your primary goal is attending law school and presenting one of the best possible law school personal statements is an important way to help you achieve that objective.

A winning personal statement isn’t only about using proper structure. It’s about good persuasive and high-quality content. When EssayEdge experts do a law personal statement proofreading, they review the information used and help to present it in a better way. Do you want to test our skills? Place an order.

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