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EssayEdge strives to provide the highest quality edits for your college or graduate school application essays. And we know that when you apply, you write more than a single essay. For any given school, you may have several written pieces that need to be submitted, and all need to be top-notch. Rest assured that our expert editors are here to help you craft your best work, for any and all pieces of your application.

Please note that while we encourage students to submit as many essays as they would like, our new policy, effective February 15, 2019, states that each essay or written piece to be edited needs to be sent to us as a new order. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but please know that once the essays are in our editors’ hands, they will be well cared for as usual.

The key benefit of this new policy is that students can now customize each order to fit their exact needs. So, if one essay needs a quick proofreading and one needs a fuller critique, you can set what level of editing you want at the essay level. You can also select one or both of our add-ons per essay: rush (24-hour turnaround) or a second reading (for standard service). This way, each essay you send us will get the exact level of editing it requires, and will be sent back to you by the deadline you specify. All of this is to say, you will be more in control than ever.

Again, our editors are here to support you and your goals, whatever they may be. Send us each written piece in your application, and they will make sure to return your essays with their usual expert critique and edits.

If you have any questions, please email Customer Support at [email protected], or call at 877-338-7772.

We hope this information was valuable for you. If you need more information on how to order essay proofreading on our website, check the FAQ or About US sections. But still, the best way to discover our services is to place an order. Do you have an essay to be edited? Submit it and let our editors showcase their skills.

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