Scribendi vs. Essay Edge: Let’s Compare The Quality of Editing


Each editing service has its place. The question is, which is right for you? Do you prefer one-on-one interaction with your editor, or do you just need the job finished quickly? Are you looking for a personalized service to help guide you from your topic brainstorm through finished essay, or is your draft solid enough for a quick and simple edit? We’ve compared the two editing services, Scribendi and EssayEdge, to help you determine which is best for you.

You may want to consider:

What type of essay do you need edited?

Both EssayEdge and Scribendi offer editing services to accommodate various categories. While Scibendi has more variety in the content it edits, EssayEdge shines as the clear winner when it comes to their specialty: admissions essays. Whether you are writing a personal statement, prompt essay, or statement of purpose, EssayEdge has an editing service and supplemental resources that are program specific. Users can choose which program they are applying for and read helpful information on the important role their essay will play in their application. Alternatively, Scribendi’s website is set up specific to the general category of your essay, which is great for those that already have a clear understanding of their essay type and guidelines.

How much editing do you require?

If you just need a quick proofread, both EssayEdge and Scibendi have you covered. Both companies offer a service to provide a constructive critique with recommendations and comments on how to strengthen your essay’s content, structure and tone. While Scribendi’s services end there, EssayEdge takes it a couple of steps further. EssayEdge’s Standard Service has an option to upgrade for an additional edit if you feel you’ll need more help! Their Premier Service guides you from your topic brainstorm through your finished essay.

How much support do you need?

Perhaps you’re the type of person who thrives with more guidance, or maybe you’d prefer a quick and easy solution for your editing needs. This is where Scribendi and EssayEdge differ greatly. Scribendi is great at getting the job done. You can submit your order with ease on their website and have it back quickly – no questions asked. With EssayEdge, there are opportunities to communicate with your editor via phone or email in order to get clarification, guidance, and personalized insight. This may be an important quality for those trying to gain admission into an institution, where applications are very competitive. Having support in drafting and revising a well thought-out essay could be the difference between an acceptance and rejection letter from your dream school.

Do you want a say in who edits your document?

Neither service falls short in staffing high quality editors who maintain high educations in various backgrounds. With Scribendi, you’ll be automatically assigned to one of their 400+ editors around the globe. But, for those that may want a little more control in the process, EssayEdge has the option to request your own editor out of a small team of 24. Ensuring quality over quantity, you can read through each editor’s bio and choose the one whose credentials and interests are important to you. This may be a perk for those who want a more personal experience.

What is your budget and turnaround preference?

Probably the most noticeable difference between the two editing services is their cost and turnaround flexibility. Scribendi charges based on word count and your choice of turnaround time, at a lower rate than EssayEdge. You can choose from various completion times between 4 hours and 1 week. EssayEdge charges based on word count and service type. However, their options for turnaround times are more limited, specifically set per service type, varying from 24 hours – 3 weeks.

Deciding which editing service you’d like to use may come down to the importance of your document. Are you submitting an application to an institution where admissions are competitive? If so, maybe using a service that specializes in application essays is what you’ll want to do. Alternatively, if you need editing services for your manuscript or other large document, you may want to opt for a service that allows flexibility in word count when it comes to pricing.

EssayEdge and Scribendi are two main giants of online essay editing. Our comparison has touched on almost all aspects of their work, and we suppose this information is enough to form an opinion. Still, the best way to know whether we are right or not is to place an order on our essay checking service and assess the quality of editing.

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