Difference Between Grammarly Editing and EssayEdge Services


Every kind of writing, from tweets to dissertations, needs editing. Luckily, services like EssayEdge and Grammarly are readily available to help make your writing the best it can possibly be. So the real question is, how do you choose which editing service is right for you?

Here are some key factors to consider when deciding on an editing service:

  • Type of writing. Is it an application essay for college, an important email, a resume, or something else entirely? Consider its purpose, and if it’s a document that can shape the direction of your academic or professional career, you may want human eyes on it. If it’s a more casual email to colleagues, a once-over from a computerized program might be all you need.
  • Editing needs. Do you need your paper proofread for typos and grammatical errors? Or do you need proofreading plus a critique on tone, structure, and content?
  • Price. Editing services range in price, so choose one you feel comfortable with. But also consider the importance of the document. For instance if you are submitting an application essay, that’s a piece of writing that could determine whether or not you get accepted to your dream school, so you may be willing to invest a bit more.
  • Reputation. Do a bit of research on the editing service, and check reviews. If you are paying for the service, you want to be sure you get the most out of it.
  • Editors. Who is actually doing the editing? Do you require an actual human being to edit your work, or will a computer suffice?
  • Turnaround. How long will it take for you to get your edited writing back, and does it match your deadline?

Services like Grammarly that use a computer program to do the editing can return your work quickly and mistake-free. However, these kinds of services cannot comment on tone, structure, or content. For this, you need a real, human editor. So, for something like an email that you’re sending out to a few people in your company, a computer proofreading service will probably do the trick. But if you have a document like, say, a research paper that determines 50 percent of your grade, you might consider partnering with an experienced editor. These kinds of important documents require feedback beyond proofreading, especially since they will directly impact your life in a big way.

To break it down, we’ve created the below infographic so you can look over similarities and differences between EssayEdge and Grammarly:

Using Grammarly and other spellcheckers is a great way to test your editing and writing skills. However, it’s a mistake to rely much on the software. If you’re writing a dissertation, need to submit it, and use online spellcheckers for editing, you won’t succeed. Text us a message like, ‘Edit my dissertation, please,’ place an order, and get the edited paper fast.

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