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EssayEdge really helped cut the fat in my essays by making them to the point and more understanding. They also helped me focus in on what was really important and what would stand out to potential colleges.

—Admitted to University of Illinois

[My editor] really gave me the advice I needed to fine tune the details of my essay. He gave me invaluable criticism and suggestions that led me to turn my good essay into a great one. I also needed help with keeping my word count within a prescribed amount. I felt the service guided me to express myself more accurately and concisely.

—Admitted to Parsons, the New School of Design


The outside assistance of your editors allowed my thoughts to be conveyed in a more coherent and competent manner. This was especially useful when confronted with a shortage of time to refine the work solely on my own.

—Admitted to Missouri State University

As an international student, my editor helped me significantly with college essay editing and proper usage of the English language, as well as with the particular characteristics that are more relevant to U.S. universities.

—Admitted to UCLA


I did not believe in seeking help for writing a personal statement as I thought that would not be a sincerely personal one. But then, I was convinced by the testimonials and your reason that even experienced writers need help in taking a draft version to a successful essay.

—Admitted to University of Cincinnati

[My editor] put a very professional polish to my essays. I think at the end of the day it gave me the confidence and peace of mind that I was turning in a reasonably good application.

—Admitted to London Business School


[My editor] made the minor adjustments to move my essay from great to excellent. [My editor] also gave me a lot of confidence in my submission.

—Admitted to Boston University

I had spent so long fretting over my statement of purpose that I had lost sight of what it was all about. [My editor’s] comments really helped me to reassess my writing and gain perspective on what I was trying to communicate with this statement. The way the comments and the edited version were presented made it easy for me to incorporate changes selectively. Overall I think that my decision to use EssayEdge was a fantastic one and I really benefited from this service.

—Admitted to Columbia University


EssayEdge helped me get into vet school!! I did not get in the first time applied when I did not use EssayEdge, but the second time it worked!

—Admitted to University of Pennsylvania

EssayEdge brought out the best features of my essay – articulation, idea formation, and overall sense of interest. My editor – great guy- also explained to me why the dull parts of my essay weren’t working. In this way, I learned from my mistakes.

—Admitted to Columbia University

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