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Here is a small sampling of the tens of thousands of EssayEdge customers who have taken the time to notify us of their acceptance to their first choice school. Keep the comments coming! Our editors love to hear about your success!

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The editors focused on … what makes ME a stronger and unique applicant. They also helped me bridge the “cultural gaps” of applying to the US school system as I am an international student

—Admitted to Stanford University

[My editor] really gave me the advice I needed to fine tune the details of my essay. He gave me invaluable criticism and suggestions that led me to turn my good essay into a great one. I also needed help with keeping my word count within a prescribed amount. I felt the service guided me to express myself more accurately and concisely.

—Admitted to Parsons, the New School of Design

EssayEdge strengthened my essay. My admission’s officer actually talked about my essay in the acceptance letter.

—Admitted to Stanford University

My essay editor was fantastic! He took my content and made some suggestions that really turned my essay into an excellent piece of writing. Thanks sooooooooo much!

—Admitted to University of Maryland

I truly believe that one of the major contributing factors to my good fortune in being accepted into almost every college I applied to was the essay. With this regard EssayEdge gave me an advantage over other students.

—Admitted to University of California, San Diego

My daughter’s essay was already a good one. However, having someone review it gave us that extra confidence that she did a good job and that it was ready to be sent. Your service is a good one. Not everyone has a parent or friend who is knowledgeable in this area. I like the fact that the editor is reading the essay not knowing the writer of the essay…just like a college admission person would be doing. It is really good feedback.

—Admitted to First Choice School (actual school name withheld at customer request)

EssayEdge helped edit my essays while maintaining my voice. Response time was great and I felt more confident turning in my essays. I am very sure it improved my chances especially in a highly competitive school like Georgetown.

—Admitted to Georgetown University

We needed to have a fresh pair of eyes review and edit his final essay. We had looked at it so many times we didn’t know if it was good or bad.

—Admitted to Columbia University

My first choice was Berkeley. I was concerned that my SAT scores would prevent my admission. Not only was I accepted at all my top schools, I was awarded scholarships at many, and even received notes from the admissions on the beauty of my essays. I was awarded 22.5k at NYU, and an amazing 46k at USF. I believe my essay really put me over the top at these universities. A lot of my friends that had similar stats were denied admissions.

—Admitted to University of California, Berkeley


[My editor] went above and beyond the call of duty while helping me to edit my essay. As a result, the changes made still reflected my writing style, and the much improved final essay helped me get into the schools that I did.

—Admitted to University of Pennsylvania

I really needed an objective eye to evaluate my paper and offer constructive criticism. My editor offered suggestions to make my paper more cohesive and effective for graduate school admissions. EssayEdge helped me improve my essay to a level that I was proud to submit as part of my application and in fact, it was probably the strongest element of my overall application.

—Admitted to Ohio University

They were able to take my wordy essay and make it concise without taking away from the message.

—Admitted to University of Southern California

I am an international student and I was applying for the Master’s program in advertising. I know this major requires very high standard language skill which I was not so confident with. I chose EssayEdge because a friend recommended me. I am so glad I did! I am admitted into EVERY school I applied, including my dream school UT Austin.

—Admitted to University of Texas at Austin

I feel like this essay service gave me that extra edge I needed to be competitive. I feel like this was an important key toward my being accepted into my dream school. Keep up the great work!

—Admitted to The George Washington University

EssayEdge brought out the best features of my essay – articulation, idea formation, and overall sense of interest. My editor – great guy- also explained to me why the dull parts of my essay weren’t working. In this way, I learned from my mistakes.

—Admitted to Columbia University

I was having a very hard time trying to narrate my life’s journey and simultaneously convince the Graduate School that my goals had always been headed in a very specific direction. I was always interested in certain directions and ideas but was not one of those people who worked systematically through their schooling with the single minded intention of being admitted to a very specific program. As a result, I had a lot of experience in my field, but it was hard for me to narrow it down and make it appear linear. My editor did that for me. She found the thread and used my experiences and goals to enhance it. It was the perfect combination of ruthless editing efficiency and a gentle leading hand. I highly recommend the service to anyone who is stuck in their own head and just needs a professional second look.

—Admitted to Vanderbilt University

Having attended a California State University for undergrad work, I did not think I had much of a shot at getting into the Ivy Leagues, but thought my best bet would be to ensure I had a killer essay. Once Columbia University accepted my application for grad school, I knew EssayEdge played a big part.

—Admitted to Columbia University

My editor was simply excellent. I used your services for all my essays. [My editor’s] feedback was always very detailed, and revised essays were delivered in a timely manner.

—Admitted to Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government

EssayEdge help me to convey the reasons why I wanted to attend the University of Michigan in a coherent and organized manner…I do feel that my revised helped me to receive a better scholarship offer.

—Admitted to University of Michigan

[My editor] was extremely specific about ways to improve. She guided me through without making me feel that she was doing all the work and made helpful suggestions

—Admitted to University of Texas at Austin

EssayEdge edited my personal statement so that it read a lot smoother and easier. A few professors commented on how much they enjoyed my personal statement.

—Admitted to Rockefeller University

I had an acute awareness of the importance of my personal statement. My writing is good, but I knew that it could be great…I had only 2 days to submit my application and submitted for the 24 hour service. Although halfway around the world, my editor worked with my time difference and got my essay to me on time. I am very critical with writing and must say that my editor maintained my voice while improving the flow of my essay. THANK YOU!!

—Admitted to Harvard Graduate School of Education

The editor helped me present myself more confidently. I originally sounded too passive, which never occurred to me until it was pointed out by the editor. Also, it helped me tighten my prose and feel secure in my flow.

—Admitted to University of Louisville


I consider myself a good writer already, but my EssayEdge editor made some changes that went a long way in improving the flow of my essays.

—Admitted to Harvard University

It was great to have a professional to proofread my essays and make suggestions. [My editor] even suggested I toss one essay and start over from scratch because it sent the wrong message. Looking back that was a great decision.

—Admitted to Emory University

The essay editor helped greatly in building a cohesive essay plan that was appealing to the admission committee.

—Admitted to Wilfrid Laurier University

Very good service. You helped a lot on improving my language and made me feel much more confident in my application. Thank you so much. I owe my success to your service! I’ve recommended it to all my friends who are applying for schools, especially the essay helping course on your website, it’s a very good guide.

—Admitted to Washington University, St. Louis

The revision by an outsider forced me to clarify thoughts, and allowed me to revise my essays.

—Admitted to University of California Berkeley, Haas School of Business

I did not believe in seeking help for writing a personal statement as I thought that would not be a sincerely personal one. But then, I was convinced by the testimonials and your reason that even experienced writers need help in taking a draft version to a successful essay.

—Admitted to University of Cincinnati

Thank you Essay Edge for your help. I truly believe that your services helped me get into ND! Thanks again. Go Irish!

—Admitted to University of Notre Dame

EssayEdge gave me the confidence in submitting my essays particularly for NYU when I was late in starting and had to rush up to the moment I submitted. EssayEdge was reliable in its delivery of my essays and the quality. I knew I could submit without having to read it over thoroughly again. [My editor] was a responsive, reliable and smart editor. She helped me cut essays that were significantly longer than the allotted length without losing the essence or grammatical strength. I felt like she knew me after reading the essays, and therefore maintained my voice while editing. Her feedback was accurate and encouraging. Thank you!

—Admitted to New York University

EssayEdge helped to properly communicate my skills and talents, especially at a difficult time where I was completely drained from writing countless essays and studying for the GMAT.

—Admitted to Georgetown University

The editor improved my essay by fine tuning the words that were used to express a certain concept and idea and making the essay more concise by cutting out awkward sentences and deleting words that were superfluous to the overall tone and structure of the essay. The result? I was accepted to all the schools I applied to!

—Admitted to University of Texas at Austin – McCombs School of Business


Thank you very much for your excellent and personal assistance. I submitted my applications with confidence having benefitted from [my editor’s] timely and thorough help.

—Admitted to New York University

I had spent so long fretting over my statement of purpose that I had lost sight of what it was all about. [My editor’s] comments really helped me to reassess my writing and gain perspective on what I was trying to communicate with this statement. The way the comments and the edited version were presented made it easy for me to incorporate changes selectively. Overall I think that my decision to use EssayEdge was a fantastic one and I really benefited from this service.

—Admitted to Columbia University

EssayEdge first forced me to really prepare my essay in a manner where I could write my thoughts out and get everything I wanted to say in my essay. EssayEdge helped me to focus my thoughts in a structure that worked for an application letter.

—Admitted to Seattle University

I knew that my LSAT score wasn’t great, so my essay had to be. EssayEdge was the answer and I’m so excited that I am attending my first choice law school! I know I sound like a commercial but it’s true!

—Admitted to University of Georgia Law School

I had a good foundation and essay going in, but the editor helped tighten it up. I was happy with the feedback I received.

—Admitted to Rutgers University, Newark

My editor was incredibly helpful and I really felt that he went the extra mile to make sure my essays were the best they could be. With his help, I was admitted to my first choice law school at UPenn, and I am not sure that I would have been admitted if I submitted my essays before working with [my editor].

—Admitted to University of Pennsylvania

With lower than average GPA and LSAT for UC Hastings, I believe that my essay and recommendations were major parts of my application. I crafted my essay to cater to my number one choice, Hastings, and I think the editor did a great job of keeping the theme of the essay, but shaping it more to the liking of an admissions officer. I was very satisfied.

—Admitted to University of California, Hastings

EssayEdge made my essay more concise and readable. You also helped me make my thoughts more cohesive and flow better. Several admissions staff members complimented on how well my personal statement was written..

—Admitted to Louisiana State University

Couldn’t be happier with my experience. The editor was very attentive and I was pleased she did not try to alter the content in any way. Instead, she found a way to structure the essay so that my story could be told in the best possible way.

—Admitted to New York University

EssayEdge helped make my thoughts stronger by organizing my essay. I think the fact that the editors are neutral and unfamiliar made their decisions more objective.

—Admitted to University of Denver College of Law


EssayEdge helped me get into vet school!! I did not get in the first time applied when I did not use Essay edge, but the second time it worked!

—Admitted to University of Pennsylvania

EssayEdge brought out the best features of my essay – articulation, idea formation, and overall sense of interest. My editor – great guy- also explained to me why the dull parts of my essay weren’t working. In this way, I learned from my mistakes.

—Admitted to Columbia University

I feel that EssayEdge greatly improved my essay and tightened things considerably. I used most of [my editor’s] suggestions, and I felt that it became a very good essay.

—Admitted to Albany Medical Center

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