Things You Will Improve Through Personal Statement Editing

Personal Statement

Personal statement editing can make a difference in the success of your application. Even if your application looks great, with outstanding test scores, remarkable transcripts, glowing letters of recommendation, and multiple research publications, the personal statement essay could make the difference between acceptance and rejection. Having a professional editor review your personal statement essay could improve your chances of success.

There are a number of things you will improve through personal statement editing. First, the editor provides a specialist’s approach to personal statement essays. The editor has experience with essay writing, which you may not have practiced in a while. The editor’s proficiency enables a skilled review and creates suggestions for ways to improve the essay. Often, the editor can suggest ways for you to develop themes or important points in the personal statement essay, resulting in improved clarity.

Second, the editor is familiar with the standard prompts and requirements of the admissions committees, learned through years of personal statement editing. The editor should be able to explain what the committee is looking for in a personal statement essay, based on the editor’s experience and understanding of the details for the personal statement essays. Personal statement editing can become a practiced art, which should result in a personal statement whose ideas flow clearly throughout the essay.

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Third, the organization of the personal statement essay should improve through personal statement editing. Personal statement essays often benefit from restructuring of paragraphs or sentences which place ideas in a logical order, making it easier to follow the applicant’s meaning.

Fourth, editors skilled in proofreading will review your personal statement essays for mistakes in grammar, syntax, and punctuation, which, when corrected, will immediately enhance the statement’s readability and impact.

Fifth, personal statement editing removes writing errors which could be a distraction to the reader, such as repetition of the same words or phrases. Personal statement editing also helps to eliminate ideas which may not contribute to the overall meaning of the personal statement essay.

Things you will improve through personal statement editing include: greater clarity from development of themes in response to the essay question or prompt; strong flow of ideas based on editor’s familiarity with the process; logical organization of the personal statement; excellent proofreading for mistake-proof statements; and elimination of general writing errors which could be a distraction for the reader.

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