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The purpose of law school personal statements, from the perspective of the admissions committee, is to get to know the candidate better. This is the applicant’s opportunity to show the admissions committee his or her personal strengths necessary for success in law school, which may not be specifically covered in the application. The candidate’s own categorizing of personal, strengths and specific goals are ideal topics for law school personal statements. Show the admissions committee why you are a strong candidate for their law school. Make yourself come alive on the written page. Describe your talents and aptitudes in your law school personal statements, highlighting your strengths in the process.


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How can you emphasize your strengths as a candidate for law school? First, be positive. Describe the specific attributes which would make you a good candidate for success in law school. You are probably dedicated, motivated, disciplined, a hard worker, a team player and a leader, and passionate about the field. These are some of the usual adjectives used in law school personal statements by prospective law students to describe themselves. So, secondly, be creative and unique in the description of your strengths. Use innovative examples to illustrate your strengths, rather than just creating a dull list. Thirdly, consider having your personal statement reviewed by a professional with a different viewpoint from your own.

Get an Edge with Law School Personal Statement Editing

Law school personal statement editing can be a useful tool in a competitive situation. Ask the editor specifically if you highlighted your strengths well in your law school personal statement. Any suggestions for improvement should be seriously considered, using all assistance to benefit your application. Focus on the editor’s comments which recommend ways to improve your listing of attributes necessary to be a successful law school student. The different perspective offered by the professional editor should provide insights as to how to increase your chances of admittance, through improving your law school personal statement.

Law school personal statements offer the candidate the opportunity to direct the admissions committee’s attention to personal and specialized strengths which will contribute to the candidate’s prospects for success in law school. Law school personal statement editing is a useful tool in maximizing the impact of the written statement. So, be creative and thorough in writing your law school personal statements, being careful to emphasize your unique strengths, and then consider having a professional complete personal statement by EssayEdge editor.

Having some strengths isn’t enough to become an outstanding applicant. Your admission paper should properly present them, and it’s one hell of a challenge. Do you see our writing tips aren’t enough for you? Get a high-quality law personal statement proofreading on EssayEdge. Don’t try to jump over your head — let experts do their job.

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