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My multicultural and international perspective defines who I am. As a Chinese American, I consider my multicultural background to be one of my greatest personal assets. Having spent my childhood and primary education in Taiwan, I gained a solid foundation in Mandarin Chinese, as well as two other dialects, which I maintain through regular reading and daily use. Moreover, I reached a valuable understanding of my heritage that would not have been possible otherwise. Although I have lived in the United States for over a decade, I have managed to stay close to my Chinese roots through the use of language and travel to various Asian countries. Such a background has not only enriched my personal life, but is also proving to be more and more important in today’s global environment.

As Asia becomes increasingly industrialized, the driving force behind business and social progress will be the unstoppable wave of globalization. My education, work and life experiences have prepared me to ride this wave by bridging the gap between the two worlds through my legal and business expertise. I am anxious to transfer to Columbia Law School and join the J.D. program because I feel that it will provide me with the legal education I need to expand my vision and sharpen my skills. More importantly, the combination of Columbia’s unique International/ Business Concentration program (not available at Loyola) and its international recognition will help me to open many otherwise inaccessible doors, and allow me to achieve my goals.

The alliance between law and global business encompasses a broad spectrum of situations, which I have witnessed first hand while working for an international trading company. As a first year law student at Loyola Law School of Los Angeles, I worked part time at Turtle King Corporation (TKC). TKC is in the business of importing and exporting collectible gifts and home accent products. After graduating from UCLA, I accepted a full time position in marketing and product development, a job that tested both my analytical skills and learning abilities. Just as every legal case is different, every company conducts business and problem solving differently. The first few months were hectic as I attempted to fulfill my responsibilities and understand the operating procedures of the company. In the process of managing my own duties, I also had to interact with various areas of the company such as designing, purchasing, customs, warehousing, sales, marketing and shipping.

Some of my most memorable accomplishments at TKC involved the development of a global presence via the Internet, the implementation of a company wide operation and management manual, and the creation of an entirely new product line after months of research. These projects allowed me to work closely with top level management in the purchasing, sales and international trading departments. In five short months, I was chosen to join the marketing team on business trips to some of the biggest gift market and trade exhibitions in the United States, including Atlanta, Dallas and Las Vegas. I also accompanied the director of the International Department to Mexico City, and met with the purchasers from major department stores such as Wal-Mart and Soriana. Currently, I am a member of the team responsible for product design and development of a line of collectible figurines.

My maturity and confidence level increased as a result of these accomplishments. Prior to working for TKC, I worked for WMA Securities, Inc. as a licensed insurance and securities sales agent, and later as a supervisor. I ran a branch of the Student Works painting company for one year, and was an investigator intern for the Riverside County Public Defender’s Office.

My involvement in the non-profit sector enhances the unique perspective I will bring to the Columbia Law School. I firmly believe that everyone has a responsibility to contribute to his community. In addition to the rigorous academics at Loyola, I am actively involved with the Phi-Alpha Delta international law fraternity, and the American Bar Association. Outside of school, I am a zealous practitioner of Kendo (way of the sword), a Japanese weapon martial art, and a volunteer for the community festivals organized by the Southern California Kendo Organization. These community and non-profit activities reinforce my belief that success is not just about fame and money, but also requires giving something back to one’s community and making a positive impact on society. Work and school may have provided me with invaluable skills, but my traditional Chinese upbringing (heavily influenced by Buddhism) taught me the importance of compassion and respect for life. I understand that while my life may be privileged now, it was not always so, and there is always someone else who needs a hand.

My educational preparations combined with the diversity of my experience and multicultural background put me in an exceptional position to enter a profession that can bring Asia and America together in law and business. My unique perspective will be a valuable asset to the classrooms of Columbia. A transfer will not only be a step up, but a welcome challenge as well, one which I am prepared to face with my arsenal of experience, commitment, passion and discipline.

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