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Usually a topic of short-answer essays, Favorites questions ask you to write about books, songs, art, people, and just about anything else you can think of, focusing on how the topic of choice has made an impact upon your life. As mentioned before, do not pick a subject because you believe it will impress admissions officers. Instead, choose something special to you, something that you can use to relate who you are in a unique fashion.

If you choose a popular subject, be prepared for the challenge. You will have to work harder to stand out from other applicants who are also writing about, for example, Albert Einstein as the most influential person of the twentieth century. Choosing a topic closer to home could prove more successful, since you will be able to provide more personal insights. Be personal. Be specific. Be yourself.

Favorites’ topic is one of the most widespread ones. Students adore it because of its easiness, but it’s a trap. The easier the topic, the lower your chances of writing an outstanding and unique essay. Don’t be afraid to describe something more complex because you can always hire an essay editor online and trust your essay to a professional proofreader.

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