What not to say in a Residency Personal Statement

Medical Personal Statement

Avoiding major mistakes in your residency personal statement means more than just making sure that your statement is free of common errors in grammar and usage. It also means having the right content. Getting help from residency personal statement services can get you focused on the aspects of your experiences that are most persuasive to residency selectors. Moreover, residency personal statement services are available to give your essay the polish and flow that will keep selectors reading your statement from start to finish.

Here are some common things that should not be included in your residency personal statement:

1. Things that happened before you Started College

Residency selectors are genuinely only interested in what you have been doing since you began college. Many residency personal statements begin with an anecdote from childhood or high school. This will make your residency personal statement seem like a med school personal statement and likely cause the reader to lose interest.

2. Spending precious space in the essay discussing why you did not choose other specialties

With many specialties to choose from, it is unnecessary to explain why other specialties did not appeal to you. This, combined with the relatively short length of residency personal statements, means that your best bet is to fully and clearly express why you have chosen the residency program to which you are applying.

3. Stating that you chose your specialty before you began your rotations

In the real world, there are medical students who knew what they want to specialize in long before medical school. Perhaps this was due to a significant experience or even an early calling to work with a particular patient population. However, the purpose of rotations is to get a feel for the day-to-day work within each particular field of medicine. For this reason, if you had a good idea of what you wanted to specialize in before your rotations, emphasize how the rotation confirmed your desire to choose your specialty.

Residency Personal Statement Services Can Help You Express Your Motives and Ideas Persuasively

Under no circumstances whatsoever should you state that you have chosen your specialty for lifestyle or financial reasons. Everybody wants to live a good life, and – for better or for worse – our finances are part of the opportunities available to us in the world. However, your residency personal statement needs to reflect a desire to do the work of the specialty you have chosen and to help the patients who are in need of your expertise in this field. Residency personal statement services can help you refine your essay to effectively convey this to selectors.

How often do you think about the things to be avoided in your application writing? We constantly focus on what we should write, and it often doesn’t help to achieve the desired result. If you feel it difficult to memorize everything, form the habit of ordering personal statement editing here before submitting your application.

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