Your MBA Essays Should Make Your Application Stand Out


When you think about sending in your graduate school application, it may be useful to note how many applications will be arriving with yours. Given the competition from other applications, you should determine that your MBA essay should make your application stand out from the crowd.

MBA essays are a major component of the application process. In addition to transcripts, letters of recommendation, resumes or CVs, and other application materials, the MBA essays provide the admissions committee with another useful component to make their decision. Unlike the other parts of the application, the MBA essays can be controlled by the candidate. It is often said that a strong set of essays can improve your chances of being offered a seat in the class.

How can I make my MBA essay stand out from the others?

MBA essays give you a chance to stand out from the crowd in several ways.

  • Think of a unique story about yourself that is relevant to your desire to pursue the degree or to your ability to succeed in this field. Relate the story concisely, using humor or drama, as the situation requires. Make sure that the point of the story is well-understood. Do not assume your reader will make a vague connection.
  • Describe your background which has led you to apply to this program. Focus on your work experience, internships, volunteer work, and education. These factors have prepared and encouraged you to apply for this degree.
  • Discuss your short term and long term goals. What do you plan to do with this MBA? Do you see yourself working in a management position at a bank or an accounting firm, as an investment adviser at a brokerage firm, or as a tax specialist or marketing expert in the corporate world? Are your interests oriented to the international markets, the health care management industry, or to the non-profit world? There are many specialties in the business administration department. You should take this opportunity to dream big and let the admissions committee know what you hope to accomplish, following receipt of the MBA.
  • If you have specific professors or courses you are particularly interested in at the university to which you are applying, you can show your interest by including this information.

MBA essays are a great opportunity for you to stand out from the crowd, by personalizing your statement, and letting the reader see that you are serious about earning a degree in this program.

Your MBA essay is your key instrument in standing the stiff competition. All college graduates dream about entering this program, so your purpose is to make your application essay stand out. Don’t hesitate to use MBA essay help. EssayEdge can help you polish your draft so that you can submit a high-quality paper.


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