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[By suggesting his political affiliations and leanings without going so far as to impose his viewpoints on the reader, this applicant demonstrates that you can reveal your ideology in a way that any reader will respect.]

As I write this statement, Governor Mario Cuomo makes preparations to vacate the Executive Mansion in Albany, New York, after New Yorkers rejected his appeal for another term. As for me, Mario Cuomo is still a hero. He has truly lived the “American Dream.” Mario, the son of first-generation Italian immigrants, rose from the poor neighborhoods of Queens to become one of the most powerful men not only in New York state but also the United States. He is respected not only for his political savvy and great oratorical skills but also as one of the greatest legal minds in the country. He is the reason I trust my hard work, dedication, and perseverance will pay.

Public policy has always appealed to me. My proudest political achievement was the successful organization of the “Register to Vote” rally at SUNY-Buffalo, which was attended by actor William Baldwin and Robert Kennedy, Jr. to campaign in support of Governor Cuomo. Also, as part of my job with the College Democrats, I have written a number of letters and opinion editorials in several Western New York newspapers; some of my letters have also been printed in News India-Times, India Abroad, and in New York magazine.

I promote my passion for writing and politics as the Cultural Affairs Editor of the largest student-run newspaper in New York state. In this position, I have taken on the many challenges that had long been avoided or pushed to the back-burner. Through my efforts, the paper presented a series of articles titled “The Diverse Spectrum,” which brought out a number of race-related issues which had been previously avoided because of their controversial nature. As expected, a lot of healthy debate ensued. In addition to being a desk editor, I was granted a bi-weekly column to comment on American politics. This year, I have been hired to write weekly political columns under “Leaning Right.” This is the first time in almost a decade that a student has had his own weekly political column. Two months ago, I expanded my journalistic portfolio by accepting the position of co-host on “Voices of the People,” a political call-in radio show originating from the city of Niagara Falls.

Coming from a family where I am the oldest male member, I have been forced into early maturity. I realize the value of success. As a role-model to my younger siblings, it becomes imperative for me to be a positive example. My grandfather used to say, “Don’t just do it; do it right.” I have always tried to practice this sound advice.

Describing your ideology and other controversial topics is a good choice. It lets admissions officers see that you’re interested in showing your personality. However, you should be careful with the words and figures of speech you’re using so as not to offend anybody. If you’re working on this topic, send it to our law essay editing service after you finish.

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