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At the age of 23, I am fortunate to hold the most significant judicial role available to any student in my 25,000-member academic community. In my position, to which I was elected last spring, I enjoy the opportunity of having constant hands-on experience with the same judicial process within which every attorney works. I have studied penal law and the municipal code, researched cases, met with the parties involved in various disputes, and presided over 14 trials involving complaints that have evolved into formal charges. . . . I serve as chairman of committees dealing with concerns as varied as community relations and the revision of the school’s judicial constitution.

I began my college career on something less than a fully auspicious note. I naively chose a major not suited to my interests and wound up with my poorest grades ever. However, even as a freshman, I was showing my stripes as a leader, serving as captain of the varsity soccer team and president of my dormitory.

Since my sophomore year, there has been a significant and steady upward trend to my grades, and I have achieved about a 3.7 GPA to date. . . .

I originally became interested in the law during my sophomore year, when I realized that my skills as a writer, speaker, and leader-as well as my powers of logic-would probably serve me well in a legal career.

All that I have done and experienced in my judicial role in college has further stimulated and reinforced my interest in the law and my determination to pursue a legal career. I believe that I have much more of an awareness of the law than the average student and a realistic perspective on what the lawyer’s life entails.

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